Shattered Earth [WIP], UPDATED 09/28/2023 (39k words)

UPDATED 09/28/2023 (39k words) CHANGELOG HERE

What’s new:

  • Do some chores with your prospective crewmates! (only Avett and Yuda for now, but more will be added)
  • Accidentally glean some damning information from them.
  • Flirt with them, to varying degrees of success…?

Hi. I’m potadd (no caps), and this is my first attempt at IF writing. My project is called “Shattered Earth.” I’m honestly not sure what else I’m meant to put here, apart from a brief preface that I have little to no experience using forums; it took me way too long to figure out to do dropdown headers, and I still don’t know if I did any of them right, lol.

Currently has 39k words, which includes a prologue and half of Chapter 1.



The end came swifter than you’d thought. But where you were promised melting icecaps, encroaching shorelines, and tempestuous gray skies, the citizens of Earth saw something entirely… other. You watched the world split open, bore witness to what you could only refer to as “dragons” made manifest in scale, flesh and skin. You saw cities razed to the ground, asphalt streets shattered like ice. Fleets of dragons and foreign—almost alien—aircrafts alike seared across the skies, while towers of dirt and metal tore free from the landscape. The world has inexplicably, incomprehensibly changed, but you know this to be true: Earth never really stood a chance.

You are a human survivor, living among the ruins of your old neighborhood, shuffling from day to day as you live in constant terror of what looms just beyond the horizon. Your life is irrevocably changed when an airship of mercenaries land on your front lawn and offers you an ultimatum—to join their ragtag group of misfits and beat back the dragons, or to live out the rest of your life in squalor.

Shattered Earth intends to be a dark, low fantasy interactive fiction about surviving eldritch horrors on a post-apocalyptic Earth, abrasive coworkers, and navigating around an egomaniacal presence that has made itself home within your head. Go on missions, kiss your colleagues, save Earth one dragon at a time, but remember this: that the old world still clings to you like a second skin, and that the old world is dead.

Synopsis but shorter

TLDR; the dragons invade Earth in a phenomenon known as the Migration, and various fantastical races chase after these dragons through the realms. Each race is from a separate realm, or better defined as a parallel reality, that runs alongside Earth—this results in different races and cultures that are similar to the ones we have on Earth, but inexplicably different. Most mercenaries nowadays congregate on Therius, a realm that acts as the “central hub” for the other realms.

The invasion of these dragons turns Earth into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Mercenary work is profitable, but dragons emit auras, referred to as their “dirth”, which turns anyone in its proximity mad without the proper training and protection. Dragons that are powerful enough will produce artifacts, objects imbued with dragon-esque auras and abilities—turning these into the Inter Realm Conglomerate is very lucrative. You will become one such mercenary, chasing both danger and wealth alike.


  • 3 ROs (and counting, hopefully), one man and two women to choose from. Platonic relationships will have as much of an impact on these characters as their romantic counterparts.
  • Customize your appearance, martial specialization, background, and the specifics of that thing that likes to haunt the recesses of your mind.
  • Your stats reflect your personality and how you react to the world around you. Are you observant? Arrogant?
  • Play around in a post-apocalyptic setting; fight (off) unearthly beasts, fall victim to their maledictions as you steal their treasures, go mad, get paid!
  • Suffer. Or don’t. The choice is (usually) yours to make.


Avett Ironsturm

Avett Ironsturm

Role: Romance Option
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: Kattish
Age: 20
Specialization: Arms specialist

Physical description:

Avett is a Kattish man of average height. His complexion is fair. Perched upon his head are two swivelling cat-like ears, and at the base of his spine is a prehensile tail that is about the length of his arm—both are adorned with soft, black fur. His hair is black, hangs just below the shoulders, and he keeps most of it in a messy ponytail. Most of his frontal hair frames his boyish, youthful face. His irises are copper colored, his pupils slitted.

He never wears yellow—coincidentally, the uniform for arms specialists is a fluorescent yellow jumpsuit, which is to say that he never wears his uniform. Instead, he opts for blue jackets/overshirts and his favourite black singlet—the latter exposes his collarbones. He is very fond of this singlet for this reason.


Avett is bristly, prickly, and very easy to anger if he’s not trying to get into your pants. He is a seasoned person-izer, and knows how and when to be charming. Though if you can get him to let his guard around you, you might just find him a lot more bearable.

Sexuality: Bisexual (woman-leaning)

Yuda Hellsbridge

Yuda Hellsbridge

Role: Romance Option
Gender: Female (she/her)
Race: Half Gallian, Half Kattish
Age: 28 Or so she claims.
Specialization: Restrainer

Physical description:

Yuda is a half-Gallian, half-Kattish woman of above average height. Her complexion is a pale, seafoam green—common for most Gallians. Her hair is white with blue undertones in the right lighting, and is short and choppy. If you look too closely into her metallic gray eyes, you will notice a swirling, foggy substance within her irises, as is common for all Gallians who are at least a bit adept in magic… which is to say, almost all of them. Yuda is extremely fit and exercises often, and as a result her build is stocky and muscular—very uncommon for a Gallian, though she claims that she’s half Kattish.

Yuda wears the caster’s uniform: a loose robe with a high-collared button-up half cape, and baggy pants. As a restrainer, her caster’s cape is a deep blue. On off days, Yuda will wear anything with loud patterning.


Yuda is outwardly cheerful, loud, and brash—tact is not her forte. But behind every sunny smile is a shadow, and Yuda keeps her shadows well away from the spotlight. Describing her personality any further would be spoilers, but she is absolutely Not What She Seems To Be.

Sexuality: doesn’t care for labels, but for clarity’s sake she is pansexual.

Ysh'vanna O'Raal

Ysh’vanna O’Raal

Role: Romance Option
Gender: Female (she/her)
Race: Draconian
Age: 26
Specialization: Captain/Pilot

Physical description:

Ysh’vanna is a short girl with wispy, white hair that topples down to her waist—if she doesn’t brush it out of her face, it has a tendency to smother her slight frame like an oversized scarf. Her irises are orange, with a ring of emerald green around her pupils. Trailing from her ears are two, small, green webs that resemble translucent dragon wings.

During and after work, she tends to wear overalls over relevant pieces of clothing. Sometimes she’ll wear her captain’s jacket—a white, sleek high-collar with blue accents on the hems—and some days she’ll settle for a simple cable knit.


Everyone onboard the Seeker is a wreck, yes, but Ysh’vanna is always at least two crises away from a mental breakdown everyday. Sorting through admin, funds, Avett’s shenanigans and the odd dragon attack has left her riddled with anxieties. She has difficulty forming bonds outside of work because of this, so her relationship with Avett isn’t great. After any particularly grueling mission, she will often be found comatose in front of the navigation panels, staring off into the skyline.

Otherwise, Ysh’vanna tries to be cheerful. Most of the time. Some of the time.

Sexuality: bisexual (woman-leaning)

Auren Draksparrow

Auren Draksparrow

Role: Platonic Option
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: Gallian
Age: According to Avett, “Like, a hundred or something.” He looks about forty in Human years to you.
Specialization: Warder

Physical description:

Auren is a Gallian man of above average height. His frame is gaunt, almost frail; his hair is platinum blond, and is secured in a low ponytail that reaches down to his waist. His complexion is seafoam green, and his eyes are a faint violet. Swimming in his irises is a fog, a trait most Gallians share. His facial features are long and soft, but his cheekbones sit high upon his face.

As a warder, he wears the caster’s uniform mentioned in Yuda’s entry. His robes are teal. On his off days, he wears… his uniform?!!


Auren is cold, aloof, and it can be difficult to discern what he’s thinking from speech and body language alone. He is clear in mind, even during high-pressure situations, until his abilities as a caster fail him.

Sexuality: he’s not looking for a relationship right now, if ever. He’s married to his tomes and the study of aether.

Feedback that I’m looking for:

  • Generally anything! Readability, if any plot points are jarring, bugs (:cold_face:), gameplay hitches, etc.

With that all done, thank you for checking out this thread, and DOUBLE thank you if you decide to try out Shattered Earth. :bowing_man: :bowing_man:


Never posted here before, but this is great. The writing is engaging and the branching feels natural and meaningful!


Saw this on dashigdon earlier today. Tthe amnesiac MC along with the apocalyptic scenario immediately drew me in am definitely following this


Save slots broken

Thank you, looks like I forgot to uncomment some code. I’ve fixed it now.

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This looks cool, I’ll definitely follow it. Just a couple of things I noticed: I think there’s a little loop in the character creation (it just repeates a choice once), and I there is something wrong with the name here: “Come on, $(mc_manwoman)!” she shouts. “Get on your feet, dammit!”

Thanks for catching that, and sorry for the late reply! Both issues should be fixed now.

And thanks for punching Avett haha

It was something superior to me :joy:

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Ok so. This is my first comment in the forum but I simply couldn’t contain myself. The story has a way to capture a reader interest immediately and having both dragons AND spaceships??? I thing I’ve found the holy grail of stories, can’t wait to explore this world you are building further!

P. S:
“point your hand to the sky”
“it looks cooler that way”
This got a big laugh out of me ngl, truest thing ever told


Ooph, thank you for the massive ego boost :laughing: I’m very glad that you enjoyed it!


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If anyone could help me with editing my post, that’d be hugely appreciated :melting_face:

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Thank you! Looks like I just need to reply to one more topic and I should be golden, lol

UPDATED 09/28/2023 (39k words)

(left: Avett Ironsturm, right: Yuda Hellsbridge) (art by me)



  • Added the first half of Chapter One, which includes unique one-on-one scenes with either Yuda or Avett. You can flirt with them, to varying degrees of success.
  • Removed the word “dirth” because it was pissing me off lol
  • Retconned some lore in the prologue because it didn’t make sense
  • Added stat explanations on the stat page

Again, please let me know if there are any bugs or weird writing hitches :bowing_man: :bowing_man: thanks for reading!


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