Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


Bombs away! Geronimo!


One of my dream project in the back of mind is as reverse stock Raising / Rising Sim. in the game you play as The Apprentice and your Master/Mistress is teaching you mystery/craft. Now your physical stats are chosen at random because well you can’t pick a look. And your master makes a schedule for you that will affect your stats. But you have off time in the week which is your free time and you can do as you please. You can do anything on cultivating your intellectual interests getting close to your master / mistress and their family. Practice your craft on your spare time etc. Now there’s some forbidden actions I can bring a in exta making money, such as gambling carousing at local pub etc. But by doing them you’re breaking the oath and the indenture contract that you made with your Master/Mistress and the guild. Which besides hurting your relationship with your mentor could get you expelled from The Guild and that’s game over.


That’s why I took one look at the two gameplay modes available and chose Story Mode…


I screamed when I saw the latest update GOD BLESS!!


Sure there’s the email updates thing from the kickstarter, but you can also just set your tumblr settings to receive notifications from certain blogs. That’s how I got the notification as soon as it came out.

My fave is Jiyel with Revaire and Corval tying for second. I just love witty people in general.[quote=“Rogar, post:367, topic:10312”]
One of my dream project in the back of mind is as reverse stock Raising / Rising Sim.

That description sounds fun. I’d play it.


Please do not do that. Aly is releasing this extended demo as a show of generosity, and intends to remove it once the game is released in some Early Access form. She doesn’t have a solid date for that yet, but I think that if she states she wishes this demo to be limited under her control, we should respect her wishes.
To distribute this freely after she intends it to be taken down is disrespectful to the spirit in which it was offered.


Could have just gone with “human nature” it’s the same thing


You are right, of course. It’s likely that this will be out somewhere - for all I know, some alpha backer released their version online too. But just because someone will do it, doesn’t mean you need to. I obviously cannot stop you, but I think that at the very least it’s a good idea to reflect on this, especially when the creator has been here on the forums as well. Self awareness is valuable, especially when one feels the need to justify oneself at length when claiming to feel no remorse.


You’re acting as if I’m going to spread this demo far and wide, selling it off to people on little black market corners with the soul-sealing contract that they can’t purchase the game ever. This is a personal, controlled investment.

Lmao, self-awareness, me? You’re thinking of a different person. I’m too autistic to contemplate my own navel. Thanks for the quick psych analysis, doc.

But this is getting off topic. Anyone here work with Ren’Py? I can extract individual files from Ren’Py code and compression, but I don’t quite know how the coding works. If anyone knows, can they please PM me? Trying to figure out the tutorial is horrific on my brain.


Is anyone having trouble opening the file? Or just me? I’m a Mac user and it just keeps saying “file not responding”

Do I have to delete my demo file before I open the new one?



If you know an action is ‘scummy’ please do not engage in it.

If an author requests that their games are not redistributed then please respect their wishes.


You make a boy feel loved!



Like seriously, if you want to, you can ban me from this forum for this. That’s fine.

I’ll still do it, though. Am I sypposed to delete the game from my laptop once the link is deleted? Prevent my friends, when they use my laptop, from playing that game because “only those that clicked on the link and downloaded it themselves before the deadline are allowed to play”?

Threatening to suspend or ban me from these forums, with big yellow posts, is not going to change what I do outside of it. Thanks. And that’s the last I’ll say on this matter and I’ll take the punishment you see fit.


Please reread my post. Nowhere in it do I make any threats.

Can you not see the difference between allowing friends to use your laptop and offering to upload a game without the creator’s permission and using our forum as a method of distributing that demo?

You know it’s wrong. You even admitted that in your post. Why do it then?


I am not going to hand out the demo on this forum. I actually… never said that! I only said that I was going to redistribute it, without specifying to who and links, where! Hm.

Am actually not going to hand out the demo freely, either. This is not a “hey everyone look, the demo”. lmao

Fact that it’s yellow means it’s a mod’s warning.

Because… I do things I know are morally wrong? People can do that, you know. I personally know a fair few people here pirate, which is even worse, but I won’t grass.

Anyway this is getting off-topic. If you want to carry on trying to convince/grill me at least we can take it to PM.


True but you should think harder before you try to make Cog as a company into your unwilling accomplices.

Yes, I may have done some amoral things along the likes of, arr, yarr and a bottle of rum thing too when I was younger, being a relatively poor highschool student tended to do that to you in the days of Grokster.

Finally, yes, the current copyright laws and the “Mickey Mouse” protection act and all that stuff are utter crap, but the way to fix that would be to ideally kick the bums out of office and perhaps even jail or “civil forfeit” their assets too.


A yellow post acts as a warning. Not as a “You’re one step away from being banned” kind of warning, but a “Please don’t do that here” kind of warning.

Echoing @idonotlikeusernames, if you want to distribute a game or demo without an author’s explicit permission, please don’t do it here.


I have never said I would do it here. Please, point out where I said I would do it here. I do not plan to do it here, and as far as I’m concerned if that’s the only point left there’s nothing more to say.


You referenced to it here. That’s enough reason.


Alright, okay… right. Well, if referencing what I do outside the forums is enough, I’ll stop that, too. I don’t exactly know what rule that breaks but, I’ll take your word for it.