Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


Same. Am actually working on my MC list for the SS in the above link so very coincidental that am writing for my Jiyel MC


I do want to romance Hamin at some point. My idea is for a Sheltered Princess (more terrible political choices!) because I like the idea of the MC having a pretty strict upbringing, but finding that Hamin actually admires the qualities that she’s been encouraged to suppress. That said, I think a Tomboy Countess would be good in a “fellow adventurers” way, a Corval Court Lady for a good alliance (it would also be a love match, though), or a pirate who basically decides “forget politics, we’re going to be pirates together!”. I think the Princess and the Court Lady would have good character development - “There’s nothing worse than being on your best behaviour.”…
I do love the Jiyel!MC though. And I can definitely relate to the “something I would say” scenario.


I I am extremely annoyed by you none of the RI not having any beards not a single one of of them have a beard bloody outrages!!!


It’s because of the anime style. Young anime characters don’t usually have beards because in Japan it’s not a thing to have beards.

So no beards for you, sadly.


I would settle for amazing mustaches are mutton chops possibly a lovely goatee if not a Hungarian mustache.
It reminds me of Phantasy Star 3 where all the MC once become dads they grow a dad tache up to that point straight pretty anime boys.


I think that I like Hamin with the Jiyel!MC so much because

  1. She reminds me of me

  2. She seems like the book worm type with a healthy sense of curiosity and an interest in adventure. Unfortunately the most adventure she has ever experienced is (sneaking out, if you chose that part of your backstory, and) adventure through literature and being forced to go to the summit.

  3. As the book worm type, Hamin would help get the MC out to see more of the world, experience more of life.

  4. She is very logical which actually contrasts nicely with Hamin’s more emotional, live in the moment vibe.

  5. Sometimes it feels like a repressed nerd with the cool rebel boy until her sass comes in.

  6. I can imagine after they leave the island and marry, Jiyel!MC travels around with Hamin on his ship. She learns all the ins and outs of the ship to help out but her real job is being a historian. All the ruins, lost treasures, secret hideouts of ancient pirates, and so much more not only intrigue her, but also lead Hamin and his crew to great adventure and riches.

  7. If anyone doubted that Hamin would be the next Pirate King they aren’t anymore. With his leadership skills, charisma, natural ability, and now his future Queen’s brains on his side, it’s guaranteed for him to lead everyone once his father steps down.

  8. Despite being a land known for its knowledge, Jiyel still has gender roles for its women that prevent them from doing certain things (which is probably why Avalie is fighting so desperately to leave despite the creators declaring that she is asexual). At most the MC could become a scholar but would be encouraged to study more “womanly” subjects such as poetry (though she could probably fight against it and doesn’t need to listen). She would not be allowed to join the military or certain seats of government beyond what may be expected with her minor noble status. Leaving Jiyel for Hise and Hamin could allow her more freedom than she could ever want. She may have to give up the ease of access to libraries, scrolls, etc. but she could still buy them on her own and she could stumble across rare books on her adventures. I have a headcannon that future Hamin and MC have a home on land and one of the rooms is filled to the brim with books the MC/Hamin bought/found.


To anyone that wants to play a new demo, the creator has released an extended demo that goes until week 5, though its only going to be released temporarily. So download!

Here is a link that takes you to the forum which explains everything.


Thank you so much for letting us know. I was never quite sure where to go to read updates. I did not realize Tumblr was the best choice for this game’s updates. I am just glad the author is well and the game is still being developed. Knowing both is excellent news.


It was by random chance(or fate) that I got an email from kickstarter, right I decided to go to bed. I’m not going to bed now.


@Victoriya, you are a blessing I swear. Best news all day :))

//excitedly waits for download despite eta time to finish dl-ing is 3-4 hours (my net is crap I know)


I’m going to be doomed to play the tragic princess :frowning:


Admittedly, current faves are Arland/Wellin/Revaire :))

[don’t tell my other MC’s that, they might get a little jealous]

@Eiwynn idk about tragic though but my princess MC is salty and bitter and has some intense middle child syndrome at work but is overall a nice person who is currently in a romance with Claremont


This is one game I always fail at. lol. Whether it is a horse over a cliff or being sent home for being too bland… I am always humbled here.


Mine is usually somewhere in the neutral ground of being humble or arrogant (but my Corval MC is unusually meek, but gets some quiet confidence later on)

I love stat raisers :)) which is why my pokemon games are usually clocked out because breeding and getting the right stats takes 20 lifetimes


Played Princess Maker?

Tea cackles because they use Powersaves/Action Replay and always have for the past ten years because time is money


I’ve tried PM a long time ago, can’t remember if I liked it or not. Or if I even finished it :))

Soft resets are my friends :(( I miss how easy X/Y made stat raising though vs in Alola //mind flashes to uberly manual way of calculating during the days of gold/silver/crystal

(First game was really the second gen titles)


There’s a Chinese fangame called Prince Maker that got translated if you want it.

Honestly I think Princess Maker nailed the stat raising game genre really well. Better than TPP, I think. At least you know when things will go wrong…

My first Pokemon game was Red. With the 14 IV bull. n.n Yep I’m old school. My first non-hand-me-down was Pokemon Crystal, which I still own today.

You want any Pokemon sav’d, you come PM me, ok? I’ll make sure they’re legal. Can trade you some power items for EV training if you want them.


Unfortunately it’s locked to female protagonist, right? Why can’t we ever be a male courtier or “advisor” in one of those things, or for you I guess non-binary, eh?


No, in Prince Maker you can be referred to as male or female, “Brother” or “Sister”, as well as in Princess Maker 5, “Mom” or “Dad”. It doesn’t let you be gay in Princess Maker 5, but it does in Prince Maker and that your boy is bi and ends up with a guy is canon for the series.

Canonicially you end up with the Demon prince and your boy ends up with the Heaven prince, but it doesn’t have to be played that way.

The translation kind of fucks up a bit, so it’s relatively gender-neutral anyway, lmao.


Any links to the translated game, as my Mandarin is kind of non-existent. :sweat_smile: