Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


No, no Skaltish warrior. In one of her posts, Aly said it would be a lot of work to make one fit. Which is a shame…


As of now, idk if it still holds, I don’t think there’s a Skalt BG unfortunately.

[spoiler]My personal bet though is that the Historian might be Jiyel – since they seem to be the holders of a lot of information, and pretty sure they have an amazing archive – or Arland – since they do a lot of intermarrying, so they’re bound to know a lot of things too (consider the Dowager, who seems to know more than she lets on)

For the Player, I think they might actually be Wellin (Stranger Danger seems to be the type to have some underground influence) or Revaire (because deadly decadent court, and a nice counter to relatively “prim” looking Revaire MC). Surprisingly, I don’t see Corval being the country of origin for Player — mostly because I haven’t super thought of a story/narrative contrast for a Corval MC[/spoiler]


How do you romance princess Gisette? I get the romance stat to a decent level but for some reason the path doesn’t unlock, is there something I’m doing wrong ?


There isn’t. I imagine that it would be hard for the story to fit quite correctly with a Skalt PC, because it wouldn’t make much sense for Ana to aggressively pursue her, and therefore she wouldn’t earn Blain’s wrath.


It’s best if you have extremely high levels of manipulation and insight/interpersonal insight, and also be more ethical than immoral. That’s how I unlocked her romance path. There’s virtually nothing to speak of right now in the demo, but it’s still something.


There isn’t a Skalt background, and @Ramidel had the right of it. Aly has said that Skalt’s culture is just SO different from the others that it would be too much work for her to do along with everything else she has to get done. There are so many variables as it is already!


Random (possibly spoiler?) speculation ahead:

Honestly, regardless of BG, I feel Stranger Danger somehow is involved with the things happening to MC and depending on your performance during the final ball, you can possibly unmask him as one of the people responsible

I know it seems like Gisette and her Jarrude have a bigger hand in this (given their dialogue prior to the horse thing) but can’t shake off the feeling the Grand Duke has bigger things in motion[/spoiler]


I want this game to be out so badly but according to Azalyne’s tumblr, they are at the end of week 6 and based on the description there are probably like a billion branching paths which is why they haven’t started wrapping it up in week 7 yet. Then I think I also heard that there are some after stories or prequels or something?

But there’s gonna be a huge ball!


Correct. However, even when she finishes the part of week 7, there are at least two more backgrounds she has to put in, and there are a few other secret/extra romances due to the success of the Kickstarter.

As an alpha tester/player, I can attest she isn’t slacking off. However, due to the size, I expect it to be ready sometime in spring of 2017. (Not that she said this, just from my own experience on working on stuff)


Thank you for the eta; sometimes a tester has a more realistic idea of release date and state then the dev just because of the dev being so close to their work…


That also assumes real life stuff doesn’t come. Getting sick is a good example of that, and we are in the season of holidays. If she celebrates Thanksgiving (being in the US), let alone Christmas and New Years…and if she travels for any of those holidays…

But I really think Spring 2017 is a fair estimate (and with Spring, this includes March). I expect the rest of Week 6 to be finished this month. Week 7 will be into December, and probably part of January. The other parts I mentioned (the extra romances and backgrounds) I could see taking another month or two.

Then on top of it that is bug testing, editing, etc. Mind you, the alpha testers have been very diligent, but stuff still gets through. I mean, when big AAA studios have numerous bugs, a smaller dev will have it as well.

By the way, I hope no one is thinking I’m knocking her speed. She really is working at a great pace, but with a project her size, it is a lot of work.


I am not knocking her at all - she has gone a lot further in her project then I have.

As an experienced tester, myself, I respect everything you said - AAA titles usually are sent to Eastern Europe now anyways for “testing” bleh. idiots.


I understand completely. My last project ended up being around 200,000 words, and that took a year to write. My current one is going to end up around 140,000 words, and my dayjob took up most of my time in the summer.

And that’s assuming they even do anything about it. One thing I dislike in these days of downloadable patches is that publishers don’t QA their games like they used to. I mean, big day 1 patches are fairly synonymous with games now.

And if you are on the PC, some publishers act like they expect modders to fix things. I mean, when Bethesda can’t even be bothered to fix the bugs in their Skyrim Special Edition, bugs from over 5 years ago, that is just laziness.

Anyways, sorry for getting slightly off topic. Obviously the alpha testers can’t reveal anything, but just speaking from my own experience, I’ve enjoyed every update so far.


I would just like to ask one question to you alpha testers. Does Hamin ever get jealous of Zarad or vise versa? They are both my faves and I’m honestly just wondering because they both have that cocky and persuasive type of attitude.


@Kattz, oh yeah I heard //lowkey follows her account// which is why I’m very much speculating what those branches are (other than the culmination of relationship stats and branches that happen along the way)

Also. Idk if they do? Aly mentioned she’s not doing love triangles, but not sure if jealousy on its own will come up depending who you romance and your other delegate friends

I’m really glad though that the game is progressing nicely. And honestly my biggest worry is paying :)) [has no debit/credit card to use, so actually really happy it got greenlit for Steam] like //PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY ALY


I’m going to put this in spoiler tags.

No. They can be regretful of not winning your heart, but that is about it.

Not to mention there will be occasional giveaways as well once the game is finished.


So apparently there’s a Secret Santa thing going on, so maybe you guys want to join?


Sure, I won’t have time for art, but I can write a little something.


I love this game. In an “I need to make hundreds upon thousands of characters” kind of way.
I have noticed that my instinctive choices are… not the most politically savvy ones. For instance…
Me: I think I’ll make a scholarly lady from Jiyel, I always enjoy playing intellectual types.
(Gets to the welcome feast.)
Me: Oh, Earl Emmett’s ever so sweet, Lady Jienne’s going to get on well with him - maybe they’d be a good match!
(Goes to talk to Duke Lyon.)
Lyon: "I don’t do well at parties."
Jienne: “That assumes there’s an objective standard for party attending performance.”
(Lyon’s eyes light up, and he and Jienne proceed to have a “rapid fire intellectual discussion”.)
Me: …Sorry Emmett.
(Decides to make a different character for Emmett later, and finds out that Jiyel and Arland are actually in need of an alliance.)
Me: Excellent! I can still have a scholar who falls in love with Emmett!
(Finds out that the Sheltered Princess and Emmett were childhood friends.)
Me: …Damn it.
That said, I am definitely planning to make a scholar who falls for Emmett - and, conversely, a bookish Princess who falls for Lyon. But the terrible political decisions will take priority!


I understand completely. My biggest issue though is trying to romance anyone but Hamin.

Me: Okay I finally got the ambitious widow, time to see how this goes.
(Hamin shows up)
Me: Damn.

My favorite is Jiyel!MC and Hamin because he asks her if everyone in Jiyel is like her to which she replies that that is ridiculous and that the odds of even two people being completely alike is statistically improbable.
I just feel like its something that I would say.