Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


I’m guilty of just making multiple versions of myself in most playthroughs. Like sometimes I’ll try to play as meek and a bit of a pushover, or just a completely evil playthrough and I can NEVER stick to it.

But in terms of combos, I like:
Wellin with Emmett
Corval with Hamin
Hise with Zarad

I do sometimes like to do Jiyel with Hamin too though! However, I’m in the Alpha, and if you play as sheltered princess, there is one of the CUTEST scenes with Hamin, I’m pretty sure you don’t even have to be romancing him. minor spoiler alert Okay so I’m definitely not getting the story 100% right, or nearly as cute, but bear with me. If you go to the kitchen in your “free time”, the princess has decided to try to cook something for the first time (it’s related to her restrictive mother not allowing her to cook, even though she really wanted to because princesses don’t do that). She tries baking cookies and they turn out terribly and she’s disappointed. Hamin finds her in the kitchen and tries one of her cookies, then gets another one. Then he takes the whole plate of cookies. She’s really surprised and ask him if he really liked them that much. He says no, but since it’s her first time baking for herself, these cookies are special. He ends up taking all of the cookies that she was going to throw away, and declares that because they’re special to her, because they’re her first attempt and part of her discovering her own independence, that they’re a treasure, and pirates steal treasure. I did a horrible job of explaining this but it’s just so darn cute

I like Clarmont with Revaire.

Jarod with nobody, hopefully assassinated :rage: sorry to any Jarrod fans! Luckily my opinion has no influence


For me, it goes:

  • Wellin with Ana
  • Corval with Gisette
  • Hise with Lisle (Although that one is mainly just to be a BrOTP with Penelope, but Lisle’s pretty cool himself)

Aaaand I still need to work out playthroughs with Hamin and Ria and other backgrounds themselves, but that’s it for now.


That was such a cute scene! I’m not sure if Jarod has fans exactly, but I don’t dislike him. I look forward to pairing one of the special MC backgrounds with him to see how it goes.


Wait, the one I like for Emmett is the sheltered princess. Where is she from? I haven’t played the game recently :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s so adorable because they grew up playing together and it’s brought up from time to time and I love it so freaking much


That would be the Arland MC.


Meh, I don’t really see Emmett’s appeal for a romance; he’s just too earnest and bright and too much like a puppy. He’d be a brilliant friend, but not a romance option for me.

That said, I’m also a hypocrite because I’m genuinely saddened that Penelope isn’t an RO. But like I mentioned in the Lisle path, I’ll have to settle for the BrOTP with her and the beautiful, charming, roguish pirate from Hise.


I really like Lisle but can never figure out how to get him hooked. I bring his sister everywhere but :shrug … I never do well with him.


@Eiwynn how do you act with Lisle, though? From my playthroughs, it seems like he favours trustworthiness and friendliness; I was friendly to him at almost all opportunities and wasn’t judgemental, and he warmed to me pretty damn quickly. Being BFF’s with his sister and genuinely liking her also seems to be a gigantic plus.


I try that and be interested in him but not too pushy; i can get the flower scene with him but it always seems he is just friends with me. Maybe its because I only play the Arendale princess.


Well, to be fair, he isn’t exactly in a position to be romanceable by females, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. And when you go on a date with him and he asks what’s important in a good relationship, if you say passion then that locks it down; no more romance path. What Lisle wants most is a friend to confide in and communicate with and a friend that will stick with him and the people they care about. Being friends with Penelope will help massively because if you genuinely like her, it’ll prove to him that you aren’t manipulative and that you’re trustworthy and friendly; you try to manipulate her, he’ll spot it in a heartbeat. High Charm could help a lot at the ball at the beginning, talking positively about Penelope always helps.

That’s how I approached it, and I secured his romance path every time. I tried it with every background I’ve used, and I secured it every time, so it’s likely more difficult than regular paths, but still doable.


A lot of the romance pairings I like happen when the NPC is almost opposite of my MC. Such as a Wellin/Lyon…I could see my MC dragging him out of the library to go on a picnic…or Arland/Hamin because she could see the wider world by his side.

Of course, if I’m talking secret romances, then I always like the my Tomboy Countess with Gisette. Part of is the opposite thing (Gisette is a sophisticated lady, and my countess is not), the other part is that it is not condoned by Wellin/Revaire standards. Or Arland (sheltered princess) with Ria since part of it would be forbidden, but part of it is that she sees Ria as adorable (not to mention a love of her own choosing).

It’s funny, the one background I really can’t get into much is the Corval lady. I see it as very much a politifical path, and if I decide to go that route, I will almost always choose my Scarlet Widow from Revaire.

And I really need to get a piece of fanart done where my MC does kidnap Hamin (though instead of chains, his hands would be bound with ribbon and tied off with a big bow). Heh, if he is agreeable, then it might not make it a kidnapping…


Those are fantastic pairings. Inspired me to do some more playthroughs right now <3

I like Corval more than the widow actually! I didn’t really even like the widow at first, but after really looking at her, she’s pretty freakin awesome. However, I like Corval more, she’s escaping from this crazy cuthroat society, she’s being blackmailed with someone who is going to kill her mother if she doesn’t comply which I personally find more compelling, and I jut really love the imagery and general feel of Corval more


[quote=“alliebee, post:317, topic:10312”]
I like Corval more than the widow actually! I didn’t really even like the widow at first, but after really looking at her, she’s pretty freakin awesome. [/quote]

I can see where Corval has its own appeal, but I admit, I like my homicidal (at least in the gossip corner) widow most :slight_smile: That said, Corval’s relationship with her mother was certainly very compelling.

And I think you also hit on another point why I didn’t feel Corval was as memorable to me. You mention it being a repressive society…which is true…but the Sheltered Princess already fills that void for me.


Sheltered Princess - Earl Emmett, but that’s not a good alliance so I’ll probably have her get a political marriage.
Court Lady - Duke Lyon, she’s good at people and he’s good at books :sunglasses::nerd:
Ambitious Widow - :upside_down:Jasper… but she needs money and she likes Zarad enough so… Prince Zarad
Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent - Lord Clarmont or… the Grand Duke… shhh
Tomboy Countess - ‘Prince’ Hamin
Daughter of a Notorious Pirate - Princess Anaele

I don’t like to put the rival kingdoms together, it just seems too obvious to me.

Who are these people?

@Alexodia So Prince Lisle is gay right? Or asexual? Because it seems really obvious that he isn’t interested in the MC at all, and the Grand Dukes vague warning about not pursuing the Prince… I never bothered to go on a date with him (also he never gives you a gift = no romance and his romance bar never fills at all).


The first option for Lisle. I am so sorry if someone saw that spoiler and didn’t want to… If you get in good enough graces with Lisle and Penelope, you can go on a date with Lisle where he will talk to you about it. If you don’t mind being platonic with Lisle, you can still marry him.


I know, can you just tell me if he’s gay or not?


I did. It is the first option you said. His preference is men.


@deusvult author confirmed gay and Avelie is ace

Awww man. One of these days I should write down more indepth-ly why I like these ships :)) but for the short version:

[Wellin] Lyon: the most stubborn out of my MC’s and probs the most spontaneous :)) I like the idea of Lyon being exasperatedly affectionate with her (and her dragging him out to picnics is A+)

[Hise] Emmet: the dialogue of him explaining Hise sold me pretty much, so headcanonly since he travels a lot, might as well have a wife he can travel with :> (not that other BG’s don’t/won’t but Hise gets the special mention for this)

[Corval] Lisle: they will rule beautifully together and share custody over Pen :((( (cunning and mastery in politics would be a big boon here, plus my Corvali MC would gladly be married to a friend — considering what her home life was like)

[Revaire] Zarad: headcanon for this is that she nearly rejects him during the 3rd week date before couples are announced by the match maker out of fear her family will use him just like they pretty much sold her into a marriage and //clutches shipping heart because she loves him enough to protect him and he knows it


[Arland] Clarmont: likely rebel leader who might be a descendent of a banished royal family trying to claim his throne (just speculation) and a sheltered princess learning to be brave and independent --> YES

[Jiyel] Hamin: the misadventures these two will get :)) plus if anyone knows about poison I would bet on the pirate (lots of angst on top of already angsty Hamin) ---- as a couple though, uptight meets wild :)) let the chaos begin :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh, combos, combos, this game will be so infinitely replayable.
In any case here are my main ones:

  • Revaire widow and Lisle (if the game allowed it she’d be a transman as it is she’s a woman who prefers men’s clothing).
  • Arland Princess and Hamin, the classical Disney princess (not really as I’m playing her) rebels and falls for the roguish pirate.
  • Wellin countess and Duke Lyon.
  • Wellin countess no. 2 and Kade.
  • Hise pirate lady and Emmet.
  • Jiyel scholar and Clarmont.
  • Corval court lady and Jasper.
    And last but not least one of the unlockable hidden background characters with the secret Blain path and that will be epic.


TWO > ONE = gross sobbing

Everyone ended up loving my widow character. It was great. Her insight was 80 or whatever the max is. Except for Jarrod, seriously fuck that guy. No, don’t fuck him. Kill him. Assassinate him.

I like speculation. where do you think the secret Historian and player of the game come from? I’m thinking Wellin for the player as it’s definitely going to be a very different backstory to the Tomboy Countess. And is it known if we’re getting to be a Skalt warrior?