Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


I downloaded the Dropbox file but it won’t open for some reason.


Try again pausing your antivirus before the extraction of the archive, sometimes antiviruses delete some archives.


Pretty good demo.

I am glad that you managed to kickstarter this game, this is a solid achievement.


Same problem. I tried to download the demo but somehow it won’t open ;A; I read on Steam that the demo allow on Mac but still the demo couldn’t work


Do you have winrar or another unpacking app?


I do and they have already unpacking the file for me. Maybe I should take a look at Finder tmr morning


Oh my gosh I just discovered 7kpp this year and I frikin love it, it’s a gem. My favorite peeps so far are Zarad and Hamin, and I really enjoy playing the Court Lady of Corval MC…heheheh IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE UPDATE FOR SO LONG AGHHGHHH


Ally has made a TON of progress on the game so far, I was one of the alpha backers so I get to see the alpha demo, and it’s crazy awesome! It just sucks because I have to wait to talk about all of it with you guys at CoG and my friends irl :cry: I’ve tried to be very careful about spoilers, one of my friends texts me daily asking what happens next :joy::joy:

Also: Zarad and Hamin are my personal favorites, with Hamin winning out by a little bit, probably because being a part of Hise sounds so much more appealing than the cut-throat and power hungry Corval. Sorry Zarad!!

Even though they are my favorites, I love everyone else so so so, much too. Except Jarrod. Hate him, he’s the absolute worst, but does seem to have a following, which I don’t really understand :joy:


I have to agree that Aly has done a lot of work, and I’ve been very pleased with most of it so far.

Heh, I already have promises to 4 friends to gift it to them on Steam once it is released (they tried the Demo).

I really need to get a picture done of an MC who followed through on her threat to kidnap Hamin :wink: (Though if he is bound with a big bow around his wrists, he may not mind)


ahahahah I’m literally so excited! i’m hardcore savin up for this! SO WORTH IT


How do you romance Zarad? My first date with him never goes well. What stats do you need to defeat Avalie? Preferably as a “nice” ambitious widow. I know you need insight, but it always max out at 30 when I get to the date.

Also Penelope :innocent: and Lyon :nerd: are my favourite characters.


To pass Avalie and be able to do Zarad’s first meeting you need a slightly higher Insight (35) and it also affects your People knowledge (up to 25).

During the welcoming dinner, each character you talk to has a dialogue option that raises your Insight (only 5 points per option); try playing with that and you’ll see you can max out your Insight even further than 30. Also, if you choose “Leave now” before the dinner (when Ria asks you if you want some extra beauty), you’ll be able to talk to almost all characters (and you’ll have more opportunities to get Insight).

For People knowledge, you should be able to raise enough of it during the character creator (you’ll still be able to unlock the Widow background). If it’s not enough, try Exploring the Castle and going to the “Guest Hall” :wink:

Hope this is heplful ^^


Ya; I found this to be very, very important. You can always make up the beauty lessons later but you don’t get the chance to interact with everyone as easily again …


Yes, and Beauty as a skill is not that important in the game (unless you want to romance Jarrod, then the more the beauty the more he’ll love you lol).


Jarrod’s dates are challenging … and worth seeing at least once. With that said, my princess is always stuck on wooing Lyon.

Dunno, he just really appeals to me for some reason.


Yes, you’ll need a very skilled MC to be able to successfully romance Jarrod (i’ve only been able to unlock his date once and it was soooo difficult D:) but, up to the beginning, it’s your Beauty what will make him “love” you more or less.

And Lyon is such loveable dork. I enjoyed bothering him soo much.
But I always end up wooing Hamin, I can help but gravitate towards him and have to actively choose the wrong choices when trying a different playthrough lol


Oooh I love you, thanks. That’s what I was doing wrong. -_- I didn’t notice any skill changes when you just leave immediately so I took the free beauty. Sigh. I was wondering why it was so difficult getting people to like my MC. Durr. Stupid Matchmaker kept saying I wasn’t making enough “friends”.

Yeah I did it once… Not going to do it again, even when the full game comes out. He’s disgusting. I would like an option to kill him.

Or just a Countess who was a hot baby. Then you’ll have beauty and courage.

It’s not a bother if he secretly loves it :smirk:

Btw when does the game come out?


It’s still unknown but I think Aly said recently she was aiming to finish the seventh, and last, week before the end of this year. Although then, i guess, there would be some testing needed etc.

EDIT: Yep, here’s her answer!


Out of curiosity how do your ships look like – at least as far as the demo goes? I’m not yet done but so far:

[Wellin] Briar - Lyon
[Hise] Morgan - Emmet
[Corval] Aria - Lisle
[Revaire] Irina - Zarad
[Arland] Elise - Clarmont
[Jiyel] Hoshiko - Hamin

(Admittedly though I also ship Jiyel!MC with Lyon, and Hise!MC with Hamin. And now currently replaying since no access to the alpha/waiting patiently for commercial release)


Hahaha I’ve played this game so many times I can easily do a near-perfect playthrough where I get all of the romances and all of the secrets possible. For my canon playthrough though, I basically tell Jarrod to screw off.