Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


@Bordenslasher What precisely is it saying? Have you tried one of the other downloadable links?

I don’t think you need an app to run it, however virus checkers are sometimes causing problems in allowing the game to be downloaded and run properly.


Help I can’t get with the mean prince that I desire what do I do he’s the one who’s family took control by killing people blah blah blah. HELP


Spoiler-free help: Every time you have the option to reprimand him for his attitude and try to enforce a good behavior, do it. During the Matchmaker meeting, you’ll have to be very insistent. Also, if you don’t want to romance him but want him not to be angry with you, you’ll need very high Persuasion by the end of week 3.

Spoilery guide:


Thank u so much would u happen to know how to get with penelopes brother the prince.


It is possible to get Lisle as a betrothed, but he is a little tough; not to bad, but can be a little finicky.

If you wish to impress him, I will put the following in spoilers. This isn’t a walk-through per se…and you do have to be good friends with this sister as well.

[spoiler]First, a minor spoiler. If you are playing as a Countess of Wellin, then you can’t get with Penelope’s brother like the other romance options (though I imagine he will be possible for a political marriage).

Be aware I’m doing some of this by memory, so I could be off on a few of the choices.

Also, Lisle will react positively to someone who is very Ethical; so if you poisoned a rival, or killed people as a pirate that may make it impossible.

  1. When you meet the delegates for the first time, pick “Friendly” as the greeting. This will bump up a friendship. The next part, you introduce a new topic…“Compliment His Sister”. Then, the final page, you can tell him part of your life in a variety of ways. The best is “Engaging” (but only if you have high enough Eloquence), though other choices like Charming and Becoming will work just fine (especially if you picked Friendly above).

  2. On the same day, you want to make the best impression on Penelope. If you can, Make her Laugh (Charm 30 I believe). Otherwise Reassure Her or Smile at Her will work.

  3. Especially if you picked Friendly above, you should then get an invitation to ride with Lisle during the first week…and his sister will be there. When you show up, you’re alone. The first set of choices will influence some of your traits, so they aren’t a big deal. Lisle will then greet you, and these answers also don’t matter.

That is when you find out he invited his sister along. If you can, choose Adore his sister option. This will raise his friendship 2 points. Then you will face an uncooperative Horse. If you get an option to Persuade said horse or use animal knowledge, pick this for the highest respect. However, Quick Thinking or Defensive Thinking will work as well.

There will then be a small bit about how you feel with Lisle inviting his sister. Pick the middle option, where if Lisle was just Upfront about it…this will increase his friendship (picking Cute will only increase friendship of his sister).

Then you get to the end of this conversation. Either ask him how he is Holding Up, or have him tell you something no one else knows…and this will increase his Friendship.

  1. Inviting them to events can also help. A successful event will raise Friendship (and Respect, I think). So in the first week, either hold a Musicale, or Morning Tea. Since you’ve been buddies with them, they will accept.

  2. If you want to bump things up with Penelope, go to the Gazebo during the first week. You will see her crying…you can reassure her to raise Friendship. To be honest, if you’ve done the above, you don’t have to go here…but if you let her leave quietly, she will give a +10 bonus to Poise :wink:

  3. In week 2, you will get an invitation to meet with Penelope. Take it. This event will happen assuming you survive the cliff/horse. Penelope will express great worry about possibly losing you. Reassure her is best…The first choice where she mentions being Afraid, or the last one where you apologize (Saying Sorry) will raise her friendship.

You then get another dialogue where you can get a little more personal with Penelope. Asking her about her life in Wellin (choice 1 I think), or what she does with her free time will raise Friendship. This really isn’t necessary at this point…I prefer to choose the Flowers option and get a boost to Flora/Fauna.

If you were on good terms with Lisle, then he will show up at the end of the meet’n’greet with Penelope…and increase his friendship once more. This is a good sign.

  1. A successful boat run race can help things. Assuming you aren’t a pirate, you need at least Princess Cordelia and Prince Hamin to win. Picking Lisle is a good choice; and then either Penelope (she’s great at raising morale for the third part which comes up), or Avalie (she’s smart for the second problem which arises). If you are strong in one area (like Intelligence) then choosing the other will help with your weak stat.

  2. Now comes a chance to sort of lock things in. Near the end of Week 3, you get an option to go on a ‘date’ with people. If you’ve done good with Lisle, his name will pop up there.

  3. In Week 3, it is a good idea to send gifts. Penelope’s best gift is a Heart Felt letter (and free!). Lisle’s gift is a comedy book about a Pirate, I believe…and raises his friendship 2 points. Note that you won’t get any gift from Lisle, but it is highly recommended to send him stuff.

  4. I don’t know if the date thing I mentioned above comes before, or after the Week 3 event you can hold. If your event comes before, then inviting Lisle is a good idea. What is good is that he will go to both the Midnight Picnic or Onvu tournament.


Jiyel Scholar is so calculating!! I love it :smile: It’s fun to play someone with a sharp and analytical mind like that. I love Emmett and Penelope but Aly (the creator) has said that none of the ROs will pair up with anyone else we know for a romance match bc she doesn’t want the player to feel like they’re stealing them from someone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Clarmont’s romance path secrets are AWESOME!! I don’t wanna spoil anything, even though you can probably figure it out on your own :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s fun :smiley:

Immoral actions done for “noble” reasons! A debate about the ends justifying the means would be perfect here

I get that Clarmont would like the MC to be noble and all, but come on, not even a little spilling on Blaine :stuck_out_tongue:

The Lost Heir Trilogy

My sheltered princess cannon MC wants Lisle. I always seem to just miss getting him snared though. Maybe once the game goes live. I can only hope.


@alliebee bee

actually they will be paired but only if MC interveres and he wont tell if it was happy relationship or not.


As a few people might have noticed, I’ve been on a fanart spree the last few months. Needless to say, 7KKP is no exception.

This is what I tend to consider my ‘canon’ MC (the first one I created ever). Lady Miakoda, Widow of Revaire. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if necessary.


I tried downloading the game but I get an error can anybody help me ?


I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THE HAND AT THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER!!! IT WAS SO SNEAKY I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. That’s seriously awesome!! And what kind of cat/pet is that?


But she did make it clear that it wouldn’t be a love match bc she didn’t want it to feel like the MC was taking away their RO from somebody else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Eiwynn Do you go with Lisle on the date right before the visit with the matchmaker? And are you super nice to Penelope and invite her to events and stuff?


grins Well, as you can probably guess, this character would hit on the unethical spectrum :wink:

As for the cat, I was trying to get one with the markings of an ocelot; this is probably a kitten in fact.

In my head canon, I actually can picture Revaire using ‘hunting cats’ instead of dogs…I mean, can you picture Gisette with anything else but a sleek feline? I admit, some of this also came about from stories like ancient pharaohs having ‘cheetahs’ for hunting…

Heh, and is it weird that in my head, my lady from Corval has an unrequited love for Constance? (the Arland princess married to the Corval Crown Prince from the previous Summit)


Yes; it seems the correct approach, besides I can not be mean or dismissive of Penelope, her heart is too good.


I can now confirm that Anaele is waifu material.

No one else.

Only her.


Got another piece of fanart done. It is my Widow of Revaire MC again, this time with her main squeeze. Not to get to spoilery, but I figure this MC’s favorite scene is winter. In the game, the Widow can talk of a special moment she had with her sister…and well, I figured that’s why she loved it.

Of course, throw it in with Gisette as the Ice Princess…


I have the scattered notes of a walkthrough somewhere, if anyone wants helps.


Oh my god,yes.You are my savior.

Can you PM it to me?


It’s on my comp atm, I’ll get to it by the end of the day, though. I can give you what to say to get people on your side and basic rundowns of scenes and outcomes, but secret scenes and stat checks are beyond me for now.


This is probably one of the best guides for the game :wink: