Separate app or in-app purchase? Sequels!

As the end of UnNatural season two approaches I have started to think how best to release it. So I thought a poll on which method for a sequel release is more popular would be helpful.

Should a sequel be a separate app or do you prefer an in-app purchase?
  • Separate App
  • In-App purchase.

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It really depends on the game, but for UnNatural I’d say separate app. It’s already kinda serial in it’s structure, and adding another layer of that, in the same app, seems like too much.


For maximum exposure and the amount of content in season 2, I’d make it a second app.


Well it depends on the length of the sequel


How big and how direct is the sequel? If it’s sufficiently large enough it contains its own plot and resolution, I’d go for separate app.


Exactly @Szaal

I’m going to go with the minority and suggest in-app purchase.

1st reason: After seeing what happens with both approaches, the general public seems to appreciate the integration of the second part into the first more than having two separated apps.

2nd reason: Consumers will be clear that these are part of a whole and it avoids confusion for those just getting the game.


I agree with @Eiwynn here, but for a different reason. If they are two seperate games you’d have to make a save file after each playthrough of the first game. This is obviously a very specific reason, but in those games that get replayed often and when new saves are made, there is currently no way to delete saves. I have seen some people ask for a way to delete saves, but I think this problem would be solved if all sequals were integrated into the original, maybe with a main menu to select the different entries. This would also be great for those of us who play on PC because all of the game/save files will be in the same location. That way we can edit save files and such without dabbling in witchcraft.


I like the in app. I have played both sides, and I like the feel of the smooth transition from book to book.

But in the end is ultimately up to you the author and what you like the most.

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