Can i 'goto' a chapter?


it’s no problem if i can’t but it certainly would be pretty helpful.


*goto_scene “scene_name”

where “scene_name” is the exact name for the scene you want to go to.

so to go to chapter1.txt it’d be

*goto_scene “chapter1”


@Nocturnal_Stillness thank you very much! i’ll be looking at unnatural soon since it seems to be finished. unfortunately, i haven’t had much time lately but i should be back on the project soon enough. :slight_smile:



Happy to help

“Unnatural” is far from finished. I’m writing episode 2 now and there will be three more episodes in this season.


@Nocturnal_Stillness apologies. i thought the different episodes were going to be coming out as different choieof games (unless you were talking about ‘unnatural’ as a series).

all the same, i hope two and three goes well and i look forward to playing through one!


No need to apologise “Unnatural” will be a series of games each consisting of six episodes (0-5). Season One I’ve written episodes 0-1, am working on 2 and will be writing 3-5 asap.