Is there a way to skip to whatever scene you want? (need help!)

Hello all! I am new to learning the code to make choice games. I figured out the basics but am still confused how I will make the games I want. It is that you HAVE TO go through each scene in order no matter what options were chosen at the end? I know there is a goto command but seems that only works with in one scene? If my game has vast choices that lead characters all over the place how on earth can I make it where the game goes through each scene without totally clashing. If that makes sense… Say a choice needs to totally skip some scene and go to a totally different one depending on the choice… can you do that? Also how long should scenes be?

any tips and help would be awesome too =]


-from the rockstarpenguin

You can use the *goto_scene command to send someone to a specific scene.

And scenes should generally just have a beginning and end to them, but they don’t necessarily have to have a definite length; I’d just suggest not making them too long or too short, though. My shortest scenes are 1,000 words long, my average scenes are about 6,000 words long, and my biggest scene is 40,000 words long.

Ok thanks! how do you use the *goto_scene command?

You use it in place of *finish or *goto

so say you had a scene called castle. You’d do this:

*goto_scene castle

awesome thanks!

No problem.