Question about multiple paths


I’m making a game and I have a question about a section of code that would let me go to a scene that is only available by choosing a certain choice. In my case, for example, I need to make a scene where your character stays in bed & at home instead of going to their place of work. How would I go about doing this? I’d appreciate any pointers!


If you want to go immediately to the scene then it’s just a basic choice split using the *choice command. If you want it to affect the story at a later point just *create a variable and then at the later fork use the *if command to split the story.


How do I order this split on the scene list? And what if I want the paths to meet up again? (Example from what I’m making again, the character who stays home will get the same “You’re tired from today’s events” scene as somebody who went to work.)


You could always use *label something and then *goto something to make your life easier


With the addition of the *goto_scene command the scene list is really just a decoration. You can make the game bounce back and forth between the scenes to your hearts content. I would suggest however adding all your *goto_scene commands in a seperate section in the bottom of the chapter. It makes it easier to keep track of what goes where.


While I can see what you mean, it’s misleading to say that the *scene_list command is just decoration.
If nothing else, the scene_list helps you (by forcing you) to lay out a linear path to your game.
No matter how complex or how much your game might ‘jump around’ - every game always has a start and every game always has an end.

Whilst using *goto_scene all the time can achieve the same effect as *finish and *scene_list, it’s a less structured and more (human) error prone way of doing things.
It also has the potential to become quite confusing in larger, more ambitious games - particularly for those new to CS.

The *finish and *scene_list combo keeps everything tight and structured, at the end of a scene, you always know exactly where you’re going to end up (or at least where to look to find out).

tl;dr: *goto_scene is awesome, but *scene_list and *finish have their own benefits too.


No further questions then! This helped me a lot, thank you all so much.


I was actually wondering the same thing. Is there a limit for how many different paths you can have?


I don’t think so, but having 30 choices at once would probably be bad…


Oh okay, yeah I dont think something crazy like that would be appeling.
One last question, is there a limit on how many scenes we can have?


Nope, there is no limit, you could have a few long scenes or many short ones, that is your choice.