Different pathways on different files


So I was wondering about the goto scene function. I have 3 choices that will take the player to 3 different paths and I want them to be on a separate file say Chapter2. Can I have all 3 paths on the same file or would I have to create 3 different files for each scene? If so how would the labeling work.

Thank you for comments.


Either is fine. In the latest versions of choicescript you can even use a goto function that goes to a specified label in a file. Like *goto_scene Chapter2 path1 would go to the .txt file called Chapter2 and then to the label path1 within that file.


Two ways:

Single file (paths.txt in /scenes):

*label path_1
*comment code goes here

*label path_2
*comment code goes here


You’d access those like this:

      #Path 1
          *goto_scene paths path_1
      #Path 2
          *goto_scene paths path_2

Or the multiple file way would be to just do:

      #Path 1
          *goto_scene path_1
      #Path 2
          *goto_scene path_2

Where path_1 and path_2 are .txt files in /scenes.


Thanks guys, that actually worked like a charm.