Scene problems


I thought I had everything down, but I’m new to this and, evidently, I didn’t. I’ve downloaded the zip file and I have been trying some things out, but I still don’t understand how to label a scene to use *goto_scene {scene here}.


You need not use brackets to define the scene file.

EG if your scene is named chapter1.txt, the code to go to that scene will be

*goto_scene chapter1


But how do I label the scene originally, for the *goto_scene to bring it to that scene?


You save the text file the scene is in with the scene file name.



goto_scene needs the actual file name

Ie *goto_scene chapter_one

Would need a file within the scenes folder called chapter_one


oh ok thanks


If your issue is resolved, this thread should probably be closed. @Reaperoa can you?