Placing date/relationship scenes in one scene

So im currently working on some side stories/scenes that involve spending time with friends or RO’s depending on your choice. Is it possible to make one scene labeled Brad for instance and have goto commands for stories in the scene file?

Yes, it is. The command *goto_scene redirects you to the scene you wish to go to.

Format: *goto_scene [scene_name] [label_name if using label]


What I want to do is put mutiple labels in that scene and go to those labels. Is that possible of does it have to be its own scene?

It’s possible. The *goto_scene command can be used to go to a specific label in the scene.


*go_sub might be something you want to look into - it sounds like subroutines might work better for your purposes.

Also - you would just use the *goto command to jump back and forth between labels in the same scene -I’m pretty sure *goto_scene looks for the scene in the scene list.


It’s possible and it depends on your need.

If you simply wanted to make a scene that is exclusive for these relationship events, *gosub_scene might suits you better.

But maybe you want to stay simple, so you decided to go with *goto_scene instead. This is perfectly fine too.

In either case, the scene file is the “big container”, while the labels inside are “the content.”

Brad.txt is the “big container,” while *label brad1 is one of “the content.”


I started to use labels, but I think ill go back and do the *gosub_scene route to try to clear the clutter. I knew nothing about that command so thanks everyone it gives me something to try besides making massive amounts of labels per scene.