Way to preview scene?

Hi, all!
I’m getting deep enough into my game that it’s time-consuming to replay from the beginning every time just to check the script. Is there a way of skipping ahead?


You can try a scene skip at the beginning. You just put options for whatever chapter you wanna test at the beginning of the game by using *goto_scene after the choice. For example

Which chapter you wanna go to?
  #chapter 1
     *goto_scene chapter1
  #chapter 2
     *goto_scene chapter2
  #chapter 3
     *goto_scene chapter3

And etc. Hope that helps

I usually create a bypass scene which skips to the scene I’m working on along with setting variables for what they should be by that point in the story.

Great advice. Thanks, both of you! :slight_smile:

If you’re just testing the basics, like reachability, I’ve found randomtest to be very helpful. It’s helped me find a lot of parts that were impossible to reach and tells me about how often a player is going to hit them, some things that can be difficult to pick up directly in testing.

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You can also go directly to a certain label within a scene. *goto_scene chapter1 the_reckoning. So, *goto_scene (scene) (label).

Does anyone know, does using this method mess up the Untested Lines in Quicktest?

Eg) Halfway through a scene, *goto_scene to a new file. In that file, *goto_scene newfile newlabel back to where you just were.

Will Quicktest claim that the second half of the file is Unused?

Quicktest will detect that and the lines will be tested.