Unlockable parts of hosted games, technical question


I have played a Choice of Games where you could pay extra money to unlock advantages in the game. That made me think a little…

Are those parts of the game in the original code and by paying, those aspects are unlocked? Or are they a separate file that you get access to if you pay?

The reason why I am asking is that I know that hosted games needs to conform to a specific standard if they are to be sold in the apple store for example. What I am wondering if it is possible to have a G rated game, to which you can download a separate X rated chapter to use movie terms. Or would the X rated chapter have to be in the original game code from the start, thus turning the entire game code X-rated even though most people might never pay to unlock that path?


They can be both. Unnatural on Android lets you play episodes 1-2 and you pay once and get episodes 3-6 it’s all in the same app. There is just additional code that you can only pass if you’ve paid

Zombie Exodus iirc (you’ll need to check with @JimD) part 1 is the app. Then when you buy the next part it adds more content.

Edit but the X rated chapter wouldn’t be able to be sold via the Apple store.


Yeah, apple is selling safe and nice things only.


And it is not nice to the players to have different versions of games elsewhere. That is true. Oh well, it is an idle thought for future development, was just curious how the actual purchase system works.


wow… that answer my curiosity as well… i’ve been wondering, if i want to make a game that has 3 book with 3 different MC but the epilogue/or the conclusion will make sense after reading all of the book… should i make every book as standalone/different app or i can make it like ZE, coz if i make it different app/games/book, im being forced to make the epilogue as standalone app as well, though it doesn’t make any sense for me, as there is no way someone want to install game that only has and ending part :sweat_smile:

though i still dont understand how to do it, at least i know its possible to make it as one games like ZE (i mean the next part/book can be added just like an extra content instead of make it different games/app.) so i can worry about it later, for now i just need to learn Choicescript and polish my grammar so i’ll be able to translate my teenage novel to english properly :grin:


@malinryden Games will be rated based on their whole content. i.e. If you have a game without sexual content, and an IAP with sexual content, the whole game will be considered to have sexual content.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I wouldn’t say can’t, in that according to Apple it’s okay to have “Sexual Content or Nudity” so long its not “Graphic Sexual Content and Nudity”.