Introducing new Romance Options in the sequel

So Season Two of UnNatural introduces some new romance options I’ve skipped over their scenes for now but as I’m at the point where I write the end part of the game I’ve jumped back to start writing the new romance scenes.

However I have the issue of them not seeming as fulfilling as the romance options from the first game as they are missing a game’s worth of interactions than the original ROs. I considered adding extra scenes that are only for the new romance options to make it so they do get more time to get to know the player. But then the new ROs have more overall scenes in Season Two.

How do you this fairly? Thoughts and opinions would be most appreciated.


Could do a mass effect and remove some of the characters in the first game from the second (Liara! :sob:).

In seriousness: I don’t think giving more screen time to new characters is unfair. I’d probably encourage you to do that even if they weren’t romantic interests.


If you are worrying about that, I might share sometimes why I don’t mind this in serialized games.

It adds replayability.

Someone will complete game 1, move on to game 2… go, man I really want to see this RO path. Replay game 1 to set an unattached playthrough…

More scenes in Game 2 for new RO’s isn’t unfair, because you’ve got a first game’s worth of scenes with RO 1.


Your problem is thinking from a writer perspective. Think as if they were living people. Would it be unfair that I didnt spend the same time with my girlfriend I met a couple years ago that I spent with my childhood friends? Maybe, yeah. But that doesnt means she gets a special item so she can go back in time and meet me back then.

So, if my character met his love interest after the whole book, then so be it. I will enjoy the lovely moments they spend together and thats it.

If you add more content for those new love interest (more than the normal story would have normally) to compensate for that lost time in book one, we end with less content for the love interests from book one in this new book. Like their love relationship kinda slows down.

Then you have to compensate the compensation? I would suggest you just focus in writing your story, as it comes to you. Dont think in fair or unfair, since life is never fair or unfair, irs all a matter of perspective.


I’d say one new RO is interesting because it can play into other characters’ dynamic. More than this can be tricky to get right. Especially because it doesn’t have to be all “alone time” with MC, you can make it so they have extra important interaction with other NPCs. Sometimes what helps a RO is how they interact with the world around and others rather than their flirtations with MC.