Script error on start?

I’m aware that I’m probably asking something that a lot of people have before, but let me explain my thing fully first.

It always worked before when I tried to run it, but now that I’ve updated it? Somehow, as soon as it starts it just says “Script error” and loads infinitely. I don’t think I changed anything to the start that should have affected it that much, so unless the problem is something in startup? I really don’t know.

Like I said, it didn’t have this problem before. Now it does, so if anyone has a rough idea of why the first thing won’t even load, I’d be grateful.

Presumably this is a game you’re developing? Have you tried running it through Quicktest - that usually gives you some useful help in tracking down problems.

Op. Withdrawn. Apparently it just doesn’t work with the browser I was using. Yeah, I feel silly now. It’s been too long since I had to remember all this stuff.

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