Blank screen problem

Hey, so I’m making my first game and I’m having this weird problem. For some reason, whenever I launch the game, it’s just a blank screen. Which is weird because everything was working fine a couple days ago. I included a link to the texts and everything. Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.s. I left some unused bits and pieces in there but they’ve never caused problems before, I’m guessing because they’re under the *finish.

When I run the game just using startup.txt as the only scene I get:

It doesn’t look like startup is listed under *scene_list. I’ve always placed startup as my first scene.

Did you recompile? What does the source of the compiled html show? Any scene text? Or is it just the CoG script wrapper?

I clicked your link and got a view if all your files instead of a playtest.

Did you need someone to check the files?

When did you get your dropbox account? They removed certain features at some point and a lot of people (and information) is based on whether you have an old or new account (I’d have to look up the cutoff date).

If you have a new account, I’d recommend using the compiler and