"Score of a Lifetime" -- Leaving Beta Soon!

Money! Romance! More Money! Half a billion dollars is missing, and it’s finders keepers. Track down the fortune without letting a new flame steal your heart—unless that’s your aim all along!

Welcome to Score of a Lifetime!

Hello and welcome to the beta version of my story. If you remember my first post (or reached out to help), it’s definitely gone through some changes. I now present a finished version for critique!

First of all, here’s the link!


Changelog from previous version

  1. Nonbinary gender option implemented!
  2. Fixed some typos!
  3. Stats screen makes sense!
  4. Cheevossssssssssssssssss (achievements) - Get those game center points!


  1. Play as male, female, or non-binary.
  2. TWO romance options, both accessible to any gender or romantic orientation.Your cup runneth over. Polyamory is a go! (if you want).
  3. Become a multi-multi-millionaire! Or stay on your couch until your landlord evicts you!
  4. Play a fun mini-game to choose your salary.
  5. Achievements! Eleven of 'em!

Very, very light language. (I think there is one “hell” and there was one “damn” but I’m pretty sure I cut it from everywhere)
Completely optional: Light-to-mild romance (there is kissing… and more is implied)
Very mild excitement in action scenes, no violence

I’m looking for feedback on grammar, spelling, word choice, etc etc, but I’m also open to plot/development suggestions. Yeah, we’re in beta, but I haven’t emailed anything over to the HG folks yet. Help me cut my boondoggle scenes!

I’ve tested this game until my eyes rolled back in my head and smoke came out my ears, but I know there’s more to go.

Thank you immensely to everyone that’s posted in the thread or reached out via email (spokeswriter at protonmail dotcom) so far, please continue to hit me with your suggestions and questions :crazy_face:


It’s intresting. I can see the sarcastic yet funny tone, the theme of this game is already pretty original. The path for looking at job in mall and dealership is pretty enjoyable especially the one on car dealership have pretty intresting conversation and yeah the coffee is always bitter there. I honestly cannot wait to see your update

way too short to really…give mucho feedback . Beside, damn that title was misleading! I really though someone was asking that question for real! :sweat_smile:

Humm…what else? So can we be a lazy butt slacker ? Also the narrator is Judgy! throw tantrum putting on an alarm and waking me and telling meh what to do…Wah Wah!

Also, dunno if it safe for you to put your email there. I mean, it can be picked by bot and what not. But up to you…

Usually you have PM (Private messages) and can get notification if you get any to your email, so save you from broacasting your real email .

So…what about that slacker route ?


I really enjoyed what was there! I’m interested to see what the ‘irresistible opportunity’ is going to be. I was wondering if this is kinda like a simulator to see how much money you can accumulate before you die? Based on the opening quotes I assume so. Anyway good luck I love what you have and I’m excited to see more!

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Hello! Small update! (I can’t edit the first post yet lol)

The first day of the story is completely finished, no matter what path you start on. Adapting a draft to ChoiceScript is a tough hurdle for me but I’m getting faster at it, so hopefully the following updates are available more quickly. Planning to publish Thursday night/Friday morning going forward.


Another update is live! We’ve crossed the 10k word threshold and hopefully things are starting to take shape. There’s a stats screen!

Definitely interested in hearing feedback now that there’s a little more meat on it. Thank you!

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I cannot to see how the first day at dealership going. Thank for update

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You’ve done it!

You’ve managed the ultimate dream. No ambition, no goals, no drive. You’re going to sit on the couch until someone stops you.

Seriously, kidding aside. I laughed out loud at that part! :smile: I was ‘Yes! Tha dream come true!’ Lol


Its a very nice premise, and the sarcastic tone is too funny for anyone to lose interest midway. Just wondering, are you planning on incorporating personality stats (eg. strength, charisma etc. etc.) or develop this as a purely stat-independent game like the Aegis Saga or Wayhaven?


Great question! So far I’ve learned that programming is very much not my forte, and I’m assuming that extends to game balance as well, so I don’t want to put stats in the game in a way that makes it un-fun. There will certainly be an implementation of personality stats soon so players can track their character’s traits, but I’m largely going to make gameflow and pathing based on explicit decisions the player makes and not a calculation of stats.

But yes! Within the next week the stats page will start fleshing out and the effect it has on interactions with other characters and the world should be implemented on some level.

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Two days have gone by, and goodness knows I haven’t left the house! The next chapter-and-a-half are now available. If you’re caught up through the last update, there’s an option in the first menu to skip to the new material. It’ll have some weird dependency issues with pronouns and name and stuff since they’re not set, but it shouldn’t crash the game. Hope everybody’s having fun with it :slight_smile:

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Just pushed the last update before “the big one”, we’re at about 15,000 words (not counting code) atm. Next update will be in a few days and will be another ~10k, taking us all the way to the climax! and then that’ll be published a few days after and we’ll move on to denouement-land. Still open to any input, but I know there’s only so much you can say about a narrative that’s just now taking off so don’t feel pressured to post! Thanks to everyone who’s swung by so far.


Hello! I’ve pushed an update (and more importantly, I can finally edit the first post lol). I redid some storyboarding and this is probably going to come in closer to 100k than 60k so we’ve still got a long way to go, but i’m interested in hearing thoughts on the draft. Thank you!


I just read it and it was really interesting! Keep on the hard work!

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Thank you so much for all the help and input so far, everybody! Happy to announce that the story is “finished” and has gone through a couple revisions. I’ve taken some input from friends/family and folks who reached out via email, but I’m always looking for more! First post has been updated with all the info (and the sweet new name).


I had just notice your Work, am interested in your plotline and would start reading it…
Hope it is not too late for suggestion, but congratulation if you had finish the story :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait to hit the road with Vince😏


New version is up! You can play start to finish, and it shouldn’t crash!

When it crashes, please post a screenshot :crazy_face:

Thank you so much to everyone who’s helped me with this so far, we’re pretty close to being done! Give it a whirl!


I really enjoyed the game!! I’m on my second playthrough now and this time I’m trying to take all the money for myself :smiling_imp: BTW what is the code for the safe? I also didn’t experience any errors of any kind!
Anyway, loved the story!!!