School of Necromancy (WIP, Demo)



Great game and I really want to experiment with the other forbidden Magic’s later on


Why if you fail a stat check you actually gain a bigger stat boost than if you passed? It kinda encourages failing o.o


The general idea is that failure teaches you more than success; succeeding at something means that, at some level, you already knew how to do it. It is of course debatable whether this is true in real life, but I thought I’d experiment with it as a way of making failures less bad for the player.

Why not aim for failure all the time, then? Because failure still has consequences. For instance, early on in your alchemy class you can try to make something that’s very difficult to do. Not passing the check isn’t just a failure, it’s a spectacular failure: It ends up setting off the school’s wards. So even though you learn more about alchemy this way, you (A) don’t get the potion you were trying for (whereas if you’d tried an easier one you’d at least have gotten something), and (B) start getting a reputation for someone who does dangerous things.

Academy of Arcana [WIP, Demo]

It’s true in Alchemy but in Enchanting/Illusion/Summoning it seems like it’s better to fail. In conjuration it’s better to pass though cause if you fail you get beaten in the duel. Also in Necromancy you seem to barely get boosts at all (I got it from 50 to 51% after class).
Another thing is that being late to class is better than being on time cause you never get punished for being late and you get to navigate the school and raise your Navigation stat by taking your time.


Hello therethere should be a comma instead of a exclamation mark.


It shoshould be somewhat not someone


It’s is said twice


That’s true; you’re already pretty good at Necromancy, and you haven’t yet had the chance to fail.

There are some conversations and opportunities you miss by not being early :slight_smile:

I’m not actually seeing an exclamation mark in your screenshot; apologies if I’m just missing it.

Fixed, thank you, will be included in the next push!

If you mean the “It’s its job to guard the entire school” part, that’s intentional; I’m using the contraction first, then the possessive, i.e. “it is its job”.


And it’s in! I’ve updated the dashingdon demo to include 6000 more words, most of which are the Dawnsday after Necromancy class. Dawnsday is Sunday in my universe, because I invented my own calendar because I thought it’d make for easier timekeeping. Learn from my mistake: It does not. All it does is make you think “What day did I give Sunday again?” But now I’m stuck with it.

Related question: As I’ve been coding, I’ve been keeping a ‘debug’ scene. What this scene does is let me jump to any scene I want, randomize my stats, and a few other things. Being able to skip ahead past what I’ve already done is really useful for me, SO: Do you want debug enabled? I usually use it via the choicescript IDE console, but there’s no reason I couldn’t make it an option on startup.


yeah, why not(20 characters)


Well the main reason is that it only makes sense to me :slight_smile: It’s currently full of scene names and labels of my making. That said, the default option is to randomize stats and jump ahead to the most recent scene, so as long as people were happy with that it shouldn’t be a problem.


Hmm it could be nice, when there is an update or a change you could just skip to the scene instead of having to replay all over again so it will be easier to check it.


Having just played the demo I have to say I am really liking it! Very interesting universe, and probably best magic school game I have played. Also being a necromancer is certainly interesting!


One word… Amazing. I love the narrative of the story, often in fantasy Necromancy in general is often looked down upon as bad, I never even thought that it could have aspects like in other magics, you’re story blew me away, I love how’s it’s forbidden yet in this world it’s needed to keep the empires army’s fighting, one question, Do plan to have us Graduate in book one? And have us actually enter the battlefields in another novel?


Book 1 will cover roughly one semester; at the resolution I’ve been writing (one chapter per in-game ‘day’) it’s already looking to be several hundred thousand words, so graduation is… a while off :slight_smile:

Yes! If I write more books in the series, I definitely intend for the ‘summer break’ times to be off-school but in the same world. At least one of those is going to take place on the battlefield.


That was an amazing read…


What kind of magic is potentially stronger? Necromancy or Summoning?


Feel like they are just different, not which one is stronger


They both seem potentially really powerful (and dangerous) though. Necromancy could potentially ravage the city with undead and Summoning could summon an army of Endless (though they can be banished)
Though I wonder, if the endless can be banished why don’t they just send summoners there to banish them instead of having a war?


The people who knew the names of those Endless are probably dead and other summoners can’t tell the difference with so many of them, that’s my theory.

Also I personally think Necromancy is way stronger if used correctly.