School of Necromancy (WIP, Demo)



If anything, that’s scarier.

Arna complains at one point that the alchemy teacher could have just retired as a hermit; this is a valid option for pretty much any wizard. Nobody asks what a wizard is doing when they’re not in public. They do not want to know :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’m going for with Alchemy. That and Enchantment don’t have flashy tricks you can do on demand, so they get things you can keep!:


Maybe, but it doesn’t basically advertise scary necromancer/dark mage the way those robes and masks do.
While we’re not going to be graduating in this game most likely I think my mc would want to figure out a way to transfigure/transform that heavy shovel into something that can actually be wielded and carried in combat, particularly if they are going to send us into a war-zone.


AHHH I almost cried at the end of the demo, I loved this so far keep up the great work!!!


Why isn’t Arna on “fellow students” list?


Oh, nicely spotted! The fellow students don’t show up until you meet them, and I’d forgotten to set the “you met Arna” flag. I never noticed because my debug setup turns on all the “you met people” flags :slight_smile:

I fixed it on my end and it’ll be in the next push, which will probably be when I finish up with the Necromancy lesson. I’m currently in the maze-creation part of the school’s catacombs, which will be much easier for you as a player than it was for me as a developer.



Or it coud not :slight_smile:

(Thanks, will have that fixed in the next push)



Which is to say, this is an update post:

  • 50,000 words total! Having done that on or before November 30th, that means I won National Novel Writing Month. It was a terrible idea to do a choicescript game instead of a regular novel, because it took at least twice as long to write, but I did it! And you get to enjoy the result, hopefully :slight_smile:
  • Necromancy class, finally! Learn how to speak to the dead, wander around the huge catacombs below the school that I coded into the game as a maze for some damn reason, or don’t wander around them because I made it really easy for you, the reader, to get through, and meet Serpent, the tall dark (no seriously the robes are vantablack) wizard who’s your tutor.
  • Lots of spelling fixes thanks to feedback in here!


So…first I thought: Wohoo Update! I’m going to read it in the morning! …Ten minutes later I was up again … a cup of coffee in the left and my phone in the right. Totally worth it…


Wow congratulations you must have overclocked yourself to archive this :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness… this update!!! :heart:


Garrell Black hate me more after becoming his “lackey”. Will this demo would have any ROs because I remember you saying that they are all based on what we think of their ages.


You know, I was expecting that Serpent would act like your stereotypical forbidden magic user, but the way you handle them is much better than what I expected. Serpent feels like a pretty cool guy/girl/whateveritis to hang out with, and a great mentor to boot! Definitely waiting for more Serpent interaction.


“Your plan of looking like you’re heading to the gardens is, in its entirety, “pretend you’re Anra”. Your Alchemy partner constantly looks like she’s coming from or going to them, after all. So you pack up, gather some bags, stuff them full of random things to make them look over flowing, and head out.”

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be Arna?

Also, Jordan’s gender changes when you ask them to teach you at the summoning chapter. I’m pretty sure she was a girl on my playthrough, but they started using male pronouns.

Congratulations on finishing NaNoWriMo! You have a very interesting premise, especially with healing also being a form of necromancy, but I noticed that there are very few places in which to significantly increase the non-magical stats. Is this intentional, or do you plan on adding more choices to help with this later on?

Also, is Garrell’s relationship stat supposed to display that we have a rivalry with him? While it certainly feels that way, shouldn’t there be an option for the MC to not have a rivalry with him or at least have an option for the rivalry to be one-sided?


I put ‘rival’ on Garrell’s meter because it’s displaying something a bit different than you usually think when you see the meters, i.e. “how much does this person like me”. In Garrell’s case, nothing you can do will make him like you. He’s just a jerk like that. So the meter is more of a measure of his respect for you, and how seriously he thinks of you as a rival.

So it goes up when you’re a jerk to him because it feeds the rivalry and he can actually respect someone who doesn’t roll over. It goes down if you toady up to him precisely because he doesn’t respect you.

That said, I’m definitely open on how to better communicate this to the reader, because it’s definitely not standard but I feel it adds a bit to the character.

Basically that’s going to be a ‘weekend’ thing; much as you could increase the non-magic stats on your first day by wandering around or exercising, you can do the same thing every Sunday. So the week is for magic, the weekend is for everything else :slight_smile:

There’s no romance in it right now, but it’s not out of the question. Basically think of it in PG-movie terms, nothing heavier than that.


Just played through a good portion of the demo. I must say I am impressed. I have always enjoyed the school setting in stories and games. Anything to remind me of Persona 3-5. Lol I cant wait to read more though. I like what you did with the magic classifications and school schedule.


Well this update is amazing. I have now found who I consider best girl, Arnus. Shared favorite form of magic, and clearly serious about her studies. I sympathize with her complaints over lazy teachers, oh how English is a nightmare for me. I really hope she’s a necromancer too, and just hides that red crystal very well. I know the MC has their class alone, but maybe the other necromancy students just all have their class on a different day. At first I scoffed at the idea of having a shovel as a wand, but now it’s proving to be very amusing.
Conjuration Class Options:
Option One: Use a spell.
Option Two: Smack them with your shovel.

Yep, I know what option I’m going for.
Starts swinging around the shovel

Serpent is absolutely awesome, and best teacher. They still have the dark foreboding presence of a necromancer while also being absolutely witty.
“You brought the shovel with you? Seriously?!”
“Yeah. I rock this shovel. No one important questions it.” I mean you have the kids in illusion class who keeps himself invisible all the time, I doubt anyone’s going to stalk me and find out what we do with it.

“You know you can have two wands, right?” Huh, so not Harry Potter logic then. Good to know. I find having the wand in the form of a shovel is suitably fitting since as a necromancer we are the grave digger and grave robber.

Since the ghost revealed what we do for the friction lesson it’s going to be difficult not automatically revealing that information later.


Arnus? Are you talking about Arna? Or I just missed some character?


Update: After a month of being burnt out on writing because I did it every day in November (a sadly unavoidable side effect of NaNoWriMo) and then a few months of job worries, things have cleared up. I am now back to work on the game and should have a new playable day by next week. It’ll be Sunday, which means it’s Stats Increasing Day, which means there’s a bunch of different stuff to do but much of it is short (how much can I write about doing laps around the school?)

The fun bit has been writing it in such a way that I can re-use it in future weeks and not have to copy and paste the whole day.


Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!