School of Necromancy (WIP, Demo)



“What kind of magic is potentially stronger” is the “who would win” of the School of Necromancy world :slight_smile: Everyone has several opinions on why their particular school of magic is superior to all the other ones. Necromancy can destroy/create life across the entire planet, Summoning can merge planes of existence, and Conjuration is literally the art of making the magical real, which you can imagine has quite a few large-scale applications. I mention in one of the things you can read up on Illusion that the illusions you create don’t have to be limited to things that can actually happen; it’s implied that this isn’t a feature of Illusion alone, that with the right process (which nobody knows but naturally everyone is looking into it) godlike power could be anyone’s for the taking.

Even Enchanting and Alchemy, while generally not being considered to stack up to the other schools, have enormous advantages in that anyone can do them.

Something not covered in Summoning class yet is that you can only banish something that was actually summoned in the first place. The Endless in the war are here thanks to wild magic and their own efforts, and as such just running around spamming the banishment axiom doesn’t help much :slight_smile:


It probably depends on the strength of the mage, rather than the school of magic, even though illusion magic (probably) has a weaker combat strength a powerful illusionist could easily kill a weak summoner/necromancer/conjurer. That said summoning seems to be more dangerous as the dead empire didn’t have a undead uprising trying to destroy the dead emperor while the living empire DOES have a massive army of summoned creatures trying to kill them.


Do the Endless have a mind of their own and can be reasoned with or they are just wandering around attacking everyone?


Illusion also involves mind control at higher levels, and I do agree summoning is more self efficient as you can summon endless out of thin air, and you need actual corpse to create an undead army.

That aside I must have missed something, but is endless like demons or what?


Just curious, are there any other forms of “special” talent magic besides Necromancy? All the forbidden magics mentioned by the Headmistress are aspects of Necromancy. The way the mage-hunters talked about it made it seem like there were several types of “special situations”, although that might have just been to sorta cover for the fact Necromancy is kinda allowed.


There are probably other ones cause it said this includes but is not limited to Necromancy, Blood Magic etc
One type of magic I’d assume would be forbidden if it exists would be mind control


Fair. I believe they mention that Illusion can affect minds.


Illusion seems like a more subtle type of control magic where you just play with someone’s mind. Control Magic would be like taking control of someone entirely and making them your puppet. Though it might be legal if illusion is legal so I don’t know (or it might not be possible at all to do)


There’s no control magic, illusion magic itself is sufficient for mind control so every high level illusionist can do it, it’s illegal though


Fun thing: It varies. Most of the Endless in the war are (mostly) mindless. They’re smart enough to fight, but have little in the way of overarching tactics and are really easy to bluff. Illusion works on these Endless, too.

Sometimes, especially (but not necessarily) in larger numbers, they are smart. They’ll do feints, flanking maneuvers, won’t fall into traps or ambushes, and generally start coordinating to make the most of their numbers. Nobody knows why this happens or why it stops (which can be mid-battle sometimes), but it’s when this happens that the Endless make their biggest gains.

I never outright state it, but yes. They’re not horns-and-pitchforks demons, their physical form varies pretty wildly throughout the ‘species’, but that’s basically the intent.

Yes! You won’t see any of them in this installment, but I do have a few ideas of the other kinds of “aberrations” that the mage-hunters have seen. Not mentioning them here because they might appear in future installments :slight_smile:

And yep, the “so-called ‘charm’” school of Illusion, to quote Dayal, is basically mind control. It can be benign (as in what most people think of as illusions), it can be insidious (as ‘charm’ indicates), or it can be just outright usurping another being’s free will by replacing their thoughts with what you want them to be.

Illusion isn’t illegal and even Charm isn’t illegal (as the boundary is pretty ill-defined) but the law is essentially that forcing someone to do something via magic is treated the same as if you’d forced them to do that thing in a mundane way. Use Charm to change someone’s mind about selling you something? You could have talked them around to that. Use Charm to have someone hand over all their money? That’s no different than mugging. And as mentioned, the line is very fuzzy. Where does it stop being the equivalent of haggling and start being the equivalent of extortion? Most wizards avoid using charm altogether in such situations. People might blame them for a bad deal even if they didn’t use magic.


I’ll admit I’m sad I didnt see this sooner. Necromancy is my favourite school of magic. So as you can imagine I quite enjoy the theme and luckily the writing is up to par. Can’t wait to see more.

Also seeing how blood magic is a part of life I wonder if we’ll get to mess with it.


Oh no! Necromancy! The horror it will bring… or just draw in all the Tinas of the world:


Is it possible to add save points to the game on DashingDon- not in the game, but actually DashingDon save points.


I haven’t looked into it; that’d certainly save me the effort of cleaning up the ‘debug’ menu, but I imagine there’d be problems. For instance, if i added new variables that would have been set in the past playthroughs that the current playthrough is depending on. Currently ‘debug’ sets all of those but a saved state wouldn’t have them and would likely crash.


Ahhh yes necromancy is bestomancy


What is blood magic like?
And flesh-shaping sounds kinda horrifying if it’s done on someone who is alive


Sounds like all the more reason to do it to people you don’t like.



Amen to that my brother, AMEN.
Now can we get an offering?


I doubt flesh shaping is that bad, I mean regrowing an arm with healing magic is flesh shaping, so it is (probably) either not very painful or there are spells to dull pain. As to the mental shock I doubt it is worse than that of actually losing a limb. On the other hand, flesh golems. I rescind my original statement, flesh shaping is horrifying.


Flesh shaping
Remove a body part from someone/ Make them deformed, Use your body as a spy break into places very small disguise yourself or others by changing how they look, Golomancy ect ect
could be very horrifying and effective.