School of Magic (WIP)


Hello all! Welcome to my first ever ChoiceScript game. This probably means there will be a lot of bugs, but I will strive to avoid that and thank everyone in advance for any help they can offer with this.

Basic premise is a Magical College with the opportunity to choose a Major and a Minor from a list of three. Each Major/Minor has four main classes to attend. Three of which are unique to that Major/minor. When choosing a Major, you receive all three of those Classes. When choosing a minor you get to choose one class from that field.

You will have your base stats (DnD styles) which are derived from your heritage. These stats will help you succeed in your classes and elsewhere. Succeeding in classes will add to a higher class score which will then add to a higher Degree score. Degree score is needed for graduation as well as survival as there is a deeper plot underneath the surface.

At the moment, Male and Female Genders are offered as are orientations however I will be basing romances based on character development as opposed to equal numbers. This might mean that some orientations/gender might receive more romances, but it is based on the characters as opposed to just a need to have it equal. The story guides me…

Aside from that philosophy, I have a tentative plan for a trilogy with this world. This first game being School of Magic. The Second game being War of Magic. And the third game being Rule of Magic. But we shall see.

Anyways, I’ve got the character creation/prologue mostly down. One bug I’ve found but not been able to find a fix to is when you are choosing your heritage and choose to go backwards it doubles your stats. Not sure how to fix that. Any advice or bug reports are welcomed!

First Draft:


You can remove that bug if you *set all the stats to zero if the player selects to change their choices by nesting them before the *goto whatever label. Or at the begging of the label either option should work.

Edit: Just finished, so far the game looks interesting. Only complaint is that the constant confirm you selection choices can be tedious, you could combine them into one at the end of the selection process where our character double checks the application form for the correct information. Although having to back through all of the choices AGAIN would be just as annoying. Perhaps if there is a problem allow us to select the part which is incorrect and change it.


@Winterhawk Thanks for the help and advice. The constant confirmation was a lot more just me messing around and making certain to master some of the commands. I streamlined it a good bit, but if need be I can go through and add more options for that.

Also the set all stats to zero worked so that is fixed. Thanks for the help!


I really love your story. It has so much potential. I can’t wait for the next part.



@Jlafavor21, Glad to have helped, I have done those constant checks myself to make sure it was working correctly as well. I was just speaking as reader other than that it was interesting, all though we don’t have much to go on so I can’t provide much more than that.


I’m interested in knowing how you came up with the idea of “American” and “European” magic degrees.


So far I think it is a really good and interesting premise with equally interesting character options, I hope to see more soon.


@ragegnite I am taking some artistic liberties here, but American magic originates from Native American tribes and then later from more voodoo developed in island/south American. Also thinking about Aztec/Mayan influence.

European will be taking its roots from traditional wizard with a wand, European creatures of mythology, and Greek mythology.

Then of course the traditional oriental which is based off ninjas, kung-fu etc.

The majors/minors are like your class while your heritage is your stats and origin story.

The game will have one main over arching plot, but each heritage will have their own important subplot so I will be writing them separately. The most overlap that will occur will be classes.

That said, which heritage would people prefer to see written first?


I’m torn between the American and the European one. This games shows promise and I like the difeerent races or enthnicity thing.


So no undeclared option like in college? Or double majors?

And how important will race be? With vampires, demigods, and dragons available it seems like enough of a fantasy kitchen sink for an answer of “none of the above.”


Could you elaborate more on the types of magic? In what ways is each type effective in combat?


@stsword I’m afraid not at this time. Those might be options I add a lot later, but at the moment it’s an unnecessary complication in the writing. It would also play havoc with the stat balance.

Here is the basic idea in mind for the heritage stories.

Vampire, horror genre. Stop a plot by hunters to gain the ultimate vampire killing weapon.

Demi-god, fantasy. Engage in a war to prevent the destruction of the gods.

Human, suspense/ spy. Use your wits and charm to save your family.

Draconic. Action. Chosen one coming of age tale. Master your dragon heritage as you struggle to care for the last baby dragon.
@817819 glad you asked. It’s what I’m working on now. I can give a basic summary. But not all magic is combat based. Each degree has at least one combat class though.

Beast Magic: interactions with magical creatures. Charisma + wisdom
Dark arts: voodoo. Life draining spells. Blood magicCurses. Intelligence +constitution
Divine: healing magic. Divine blessing for enhanced physical attributes. Charisma + strength + constitution
Elemental: control over elements. Dexterity+ wisdom
Illusion: as it sounds. Also involves memory. Charisma + wisdom + intelligence
Martial arts, use of magic in the body to perform amazing physical feats. Strength+dexterity+ wisdom. Or for humans with oriental specialization, intelligence + wisdom.
Mind: telepathy, mind control, mind reading etc. intelligence, wisdom, charisma.
Ritual: used for summoning, potions, runes. Intelligence +charisma
Spell craft: charms and conjuration. Intelligence and dexterity


@stsword Grr…silly edit time limit. But race will play an important factor. There are other magical races out there, but they won’t be playable for several reasons. The primary would be that your race is going to be your subplot as I mentioned above. To add a “none of the above” would eliminate the flavor and storyline that will be going into that.


Okay, fair enough, I have another question though, is the heritage matching what you study important at all?

If I decide too play a son of hades who wants to learn asian magic, does that just make my character weird?


@stsword I’m working with the stat system to make it possible for all choice to be viable to succeed. That said, certain backgrounds will be naturally better at certain degrees. My suggestion with that would be choose at least a minor that fits your heritage. Your heritage will provide boosts to certain classes which means less time you have to spend studying for that class and more time for others. But as I said, the goal is to make all combinations viable for success even if not optimal.


You’ve got great writing, and from what I’ve seen of the character creation, this will likely be epic and have really good replay value. Keep it up!


I like it so far!


Once again I really like your work, but I don’t see any class on African magic. Earlier in your comment you wrote voodoo as part of the American magic. Voodoo was actually derived from African paganism being merged with Catholicism, so I’m just curious on why you chose not to include it? @Jlaflavor21


Variable line 18 nonexistent leadership
Needs fixed


like it so far very interseting.
will the demigod class be OP