Save manager and editor for Steam (open-source)

@yasirkula - thank you very much for your hard work, brother!

I do have a question about the Windows version, though. I’ve managed to isolate the saved games directory I want to operate on, but the programme does not seem to be picking up the save files. I’m pretty sure these are the files I want, because they’re listed under the game directory, plus file size and time created/modified matches what I’m looking for.

Would greatly appreciate your input on this issue. Thanks again, and do keep up the great work!

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Hi! In the past, I’ve seen some users trying to use the save manager with non-ChoiceScript games (e.g. GTA), so if that’s also the case for you, the save manager unfortunately only works with ChoiceScript games on Steam. Otherwise, if the target game was just installed for the first time, you should open it and progress through the story for at least one page for Steam to create the very first save file. Then you can set Game Save Directory as instructed on the GitHub documentation (see screenshot for reference). Please don’t set CoG Save Storage to the Steam folder as it causes issues.

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Hi! Is it possible to use the save editor for a game like VtM: Night Road? The stats are “dots” and I am unsure how to edit them. Any insight would great :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’d expect it to work on that game (work on any CoG/Hosted game, to be precise). The dot-stats are probably stored as integers in the background. So if you increase a stat from 1 to 2, you’ll now have 2 dots instead of 1.

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I’m working on a new update that’ll let you see the stat checks (source code) behind the choices and since it means adding an additional button to the user interface, I was wondering which button layout you’d be more comfortable with:

  • Single row
  • Two rows
  • Doesn’t matter
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A problem has recently occurred for me. While I was playing the demo for Choice of a Pirate and exited so I can see if it shows up in the save manager, my shortcut for it started saying it couldn’t find it cause it’s either been moved or deleted and when I checked, it was really gone. It wasn’t even in the recycle bin.

After redownloading a new one from Github, whenever I tried opening it, instead of showing up, it gets deleted soon after (again, didn’t show in recycle bin). Now after trying a few different ways of fixing it (even troubleshooting it) when I try to open it, a pop-up sayin that my Microsoft Defender Smartscreen was blocking it and when I click “Run Anyway”, it still doesn’t show up and after a while when I try to open it again, it says it’s not there anymore and when I go back a page or a different one and return back to it, it’s gone at that point. Is this a new bug that popped up for this save manager or something on my side? Cause it was working fine an hour ago.

At one point, it even got deleted just from going to the properties tab of it!

It sounds to me like an issue on your end (it’s working fine for me right now). I’m sad to hear that it was flagged by an antivirus. Whitelisting the save manager’s folder will likely resolve the issue: Add an exclusion to Windows Security - Microsoft Support

That helps. Thanks! I did try to do that but I couldn’t see the option but after you gave me that link, the instructions helped me be able to find that option again. I just didn’t know how to get there in the first place.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

Finally, after weeks of hard work, I’ve added the “Choice Explorer” window to see the stat checks/source code behind choices (code diving). In addition, I’ve also added a searchbar to the games list.

Changelog: Release v1.3.0 · yasirkula/UnityChoiceOfGamesSaveManager · GitHub


For the “Choice Explorer” to work, I had to write a ChoiceScript-parser from scratch in C#. In the future, this may mean that we’ll be able to run/play ChoiceScript games inside the save manager. Since the save manager is created with Unity, which is a cross-platform game engine, this would allow the save manager to be used on all platforms, including mobile. However, there would be 2 obvious downsides to this feature:

  • The game must be played inside the save manager, not the game’s own application/executable (at least on mobile). I’d need to create a user interface in Unity that feels similar to the game’s native user interface. But since I’ll have full control over the user interface, I can easily add Back/Forward and Save/Load buttons.
  • The game must be purchased on Steam and then its source code (.asar file) must be transferred to the save manager in some way so that the save manager can open that source code and parse it with its C# ChoiceScript-parser.

Your continued efforts to aid us filthy cheaters is a beautiful endeavour.


Nah. no cheaters here. Once i get omniscience to tell what author actually means with the choices and i don’t have to guess then and only then i admit to cheating!


I tried to select choice option, but I got this window asking for directory. I’m not sure what to do. If you can tell me what I need to do this noob would be grateful. Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing it.

Not the OP, but if you still have this problem, this is what you need to do. First you need to locate your SteamLibrary folder. I think by default it should be on your D: drive. Select D: drive in the left menu of the window you screenshotted, then scroll to find SteamLibrary folder. Once you found it, open it and follow this path: SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > the name of the game you’re currently playing > resources > app.asar. After you select the file ‘app.asar’, the Choices window will open. You need to follow these steps every time you start playing a different game.


I initially had the same thought, but what kind of cheats could there be in a novel?

Manual saves are a must-have in such games. It can be frustrating to sit through extensive dialogue to finally reach the save point. And it is absolutely not like being able to save everywhere in a kind of Dark Souls game.

So, it’s not a straightforward situation. However, hacking files to gain profit (changing choices, for example) definitely sucks.

I think you have read more judgement in my post than there actually is. I 100% max stats in almost every choice game I play.

Sheesh, I mistakenly read US as AS. My bad, my bad.

Anyway, I don’t see the point in judging from my side cheating in the VN genre. It’s up to you. But I’m curious, doesn’t it kill interest?

However I may get you when not getting what you want can make a bad result feel pointless, unlike in games like Disco Elysium where bad outcomes can still be quite engaging.

Sorry for the late response. @Nemureru_Mori is right (thanks)! I’ve written the instruction to the title bar of the file browser but it can be hard to notice. For me, steamapps folder is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam. If yours is also at the same place, then you won’t be presented with this dialog for most of the other games, the save manager will handle the other games automatically. For custom steamapps locations, the same automated behaviour will apply in the next release.


Thank you so much! Finally have time and will defo try that!

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