Samurai of hyuga - Who remembers all Moves Ronin had and all ways of jigoku

How many of you remember those fighting styles, am making a list of them for and need help

Strike of Non-Thought
Strike of Non-Action
Strike of Non-Stop

(Missing one)

Piercing Palm
Twisted Tongue
Barons Bluff
Kabuki Killer

(I may have missed a few)


Oh damn that was fast, do you by any chance remember description of them?

Skyward Slash ( impulsive)
Piercing Palm ( Calculated)
Baron’s Bluff ( Charming)
Kabuki Killer ( Stoic)
Twisted Tongue ( Drifter)
Champion’s Cross ( Protective)
Strike of Non-Action ( Ichiro)
Strike of Non-Stop ( Junko)


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