Samurai of Hyuga Help: how to use the Strike of Non-Thought in Chapter 12?

Hello, i created this for one single motive, i playing the first book of samurai of hyuga again and i am exploring the choices i can make but there a choice i cant use because i dont know how, i want if someone know how to enable the option to use the Strike of Non-Thought in chapter 12, what you have to do and what stats you have? Thanks for the info.

It’s been a while, so could you remind us of the context?

(mind you, it’s possible that the option is in fact a ‘false’ one, just to highlight the fact that you can’t. The books do that sometimes)

From what i remember you have the choice of using your sensei’s technique among others, if you choose to use your master’s technique a switch turns on named:

*set usingNonThought true

Test it out and see if is available now.

you need to have low attunement I think

I already tried but the option to use the technique is not able aniway

Yeah i think too but what amount because if have lower than 30% you get a bad end or impossible to use without having that bad end?

I went and read the code in chapter 12. There doesn’t seem to be any prerequisites needed in order to use the Strike of Non-Thought.

You are given the choice of either using the SNT (Strike of Non-Thought) by selecting “I used Sensei’s technique.” or using your own techniques by selecting “I used my own techniques”. And if I remember, you’re going to use the SNT against the 6 yakuza either way, the only thing that changes is if you use the SNT willingly, reluctantly or against your will.

Fair warning however, while willingly using the SNT by selecting to use Sensei’s technique doesn’t require your attunement to be low since you can select it even if you have 100 attunement, willingly using it will lower your attunement, thus potentially giving you a game over if your attunement is 30 or lower.

Strange maybe its a bug? Because i cant select thay option when they apper. I will try again for the 3 time.

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