Whats a fun way to improve the players stats?

Other than point distribution.

Not entirely sure what you mean, but if you’re looking for an interesting way to describe stats you could create verbal descriptions for the player’s stats. For example:

*if fighting_skill = 0
  You don't know which end of the sword is which.
*if fighting_skill = 1
  You manage to stab randomly at your foe.
*if fighting_skill = 2
  You can use your weapon more-or-less accurately.

And so on.

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Thanks, but I meant a fun way to assign stat points

Have you played Samurai of Hyuga? You can get stat boosts if you name the MC after famous samurai, and you get a short text with the reference.

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If you don’t want to let players choose how to assign stat points, the only other option I see is using *rand?

Say, do you know how to look at other games’ code? Doing so could be inspiring.

One method I tried was having the Player start off in a battle. How they fought in the battle determined stats. Ie If they dodged the enemy constantly thats agility up or if they hit the enemy with a hammer that’s strength

Damn it, I wish you could’ve posted earlier. I just made the player take a survey from a military training application and created stats from how they answered.

And yea I can read code Crotale.

What if you integrated a physical test into the military training application?

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What do mean? It’s just an application