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@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity Perhaps not, perhaps we will see more of the character later on. The incident took place near the end of book 3. So we cannot say for certainty if the character will be included in the story or not.

Indeed. We don’t know that this is the extent of Kuniko or Momoko’s character and purpose. I would not make a definitive judgment about this until the series is over, and the whole picture is fleshed out. I had no idea that Daisuke would ever be seen again, and yet there he was. I thought the Baron was going to be a recurring character (given the fact that he was an RO), but nope.

…on a side tangent, did any girls who slept with the Baron suddenly get anxious that female MC would become pregnant with half kitsune babies in Book 3? No? Just me? I realize it wouldn’t work for plot reasons, but I had a legit moment where I was like :frowning: well sh*t

People can be upset and find the trope tasteless and irrelevant, but remember that this is a work of ‘historically-based’ fiction and that is your opinion. No one (including the main characters and the author) in any way, shape, or form is condoning rape and pedophilia.



I knew what the Baron is from the moment he entered the scene. Why, for the love of cheap saké, do I still willingly dive into him!? :joy::joy:


But shouldn’t Book 3 also be able to stand on its own two feet? Shouldn’t it feel like a complete storyline by itself?


I do understand your point of view. But limiting the writer because of possible triggers for some people is not good.

Since the book had a warning and from the beginning we see that it is not just little blood but gore and MC getting scared and all, even scene with fish in first book. You had an option, and if you chose the last one, you had a huge warning of upcomong gore and scenes on the way. So on authors side, he did everything to warn you.

And yeah, for some, something may remind them something hurtful and trigger them, but that doesnt mean that we will start cutting the scenes out. There are a lot of movies and books with even more, still they hit top selles and all.

And i am really sorry about your situation, but becuse you are triggered, it doesnt mean that the author will take down something involving a car crash. Someone may have experience plane crash or his loved one.

Everyone of us have some triggers and author not anyone else can predict it or know, so they only option is to creat what they want to create and leave it for people who are not triggered or can handle it.

And guys! Someone who cant handle the scene or starts hahing flashbacks or something should put the book away. It is clear that not every book or movie or whatever is made for everyone.


I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t say the scene should be removed, in fact I said that doing so would be bad. I never said that writers shouldn’t stop using car accidents in their fiction, only that I try to avoid it because it’s traumatizing for me. All I said in regards to this situation was that there should be a clearer warning about the content. There is a difference between a warning against violence like with the fish and rape.


It can be interpreted in a different way. The maiming of Momoko was an independent incident that took place regardless of the MC. The MC does not even know about the incident and it’s likely that he will be given a chance to react later in the series when he becomes aware of the situation. There must be MCs who were indifferent to Momoko previously so they might not be as affected by the incident.
And about the incident itself, Jun/ko is a psychopathic killer who slaughters and tortures people for fun. She is out hunting for the MC and as Momoko was a possible source of information she tortured her for it. Remember when she put chopsticks through the hands of the bar owner in book 1? And if the MC did have a physical relationship with Momoko then Jun/ko is likely to become more passionate in that situation. Now just imagine what a character who kills for fun would act like when she’s passionate about a subject.


Oh, then i am sorry :sweat_smile: i may had taken the meaning of your post in other direction.


But anyone can avoid that scene.

When she gets kidnapped you have the option to go or not, it says clearly that it would not be a pretty scene and that no one would blame you for not going. Maybe its just me, but in my opinion it was really obvious what was going to happen.

I think the scene was “good”. Obviously that is uncomfortable, which is, obviously, the point on that scene. But I think too it let’s us have an insight of how this character is.

I hope she will have more scenes in the future, because after that scene I like what I saw on her. She is strong, and IMO we will need character like that to keep our ronin grounded. Not because that is her only purpose, but because seeing that strength in other people would show how everyone, no matter if they are warriors, farmers or royalty (Mashashi soon), can overcome terrible things.

Maybe Jun and her will have council together :laughing:


I agree that there should be a clearer warning about such scenes, PEGI 12 isn’t really sufficient since we are coming across scenes which involve rape, paedophile and cannibalism (it’s worth mentioning that you can’t avoid all of them) but I don’t think that these scenes should be removed, they are important to the story, they are showing injustice, corruption and the grim reality of lower class citizens in the game. I also don’t believe that the only purpose of rape scene was to develop hatch character, it affected him in some way yes, but let’s remember that these kinds of thing affects not only a victim but also people close to them


With all this dark stuff, I am glad that the book still had some funny moments.


Am I right to believe there’s no happy ending on this? I did try to at least achieve a better ending for my ronin, but all I get is him leaving everyone behind.


Yes, the ronin will always leave their companions behind. It’s sadly unavoidable. :cry:


How do you know that “many” here are victims?
Was there some poll or discussion here that I missed or are you making assumptions?

So hypothetically speaking would you want all future CoG’s to have a warning at the beginning about car accidents?

How many warnings for potential triggers should be given? Because there’s millions of things that can be considered “hurtful”. That’s why typically a rating is given. This series is Mature and is stated to have violent and sexual themes. Rape falls under the former so I don’t see the issue?

And regarding the pedophilia complaint, then I suggest folks here drop discussions of romancing Masami since you might traumatize someone.


Problem is, it’s not, which surprise me because I do believe that a year ago or so samurai of hyuga book 1 was rated PEGI 18, and to be honest I didn’t even noticed warning about mature themes on the front page, I readed the first line and after realizing that its description of the game which I already readed I skipped to the beginning of the game


Sure, and in my opinion it does that. Several of the characters receive resolution (at least until Book 4), and some do not. The fact that this is a book in a series, and a long series at that, is enough to know that not everything is going to be tied up nicely. Also, considering Books 1 and 2, I don’t think they were full storylines that were complete standalones either.

@Bourbon_neat you and me both :joy: Can you imagine? Tbh I wouldn’t have minded a kitsune on the squad, if they help eliminate other demons. I’m less excited about the manipulation part, though.


Which is why I tagged it as a meta comment. I was referring to the whole incident on the basis of why its inclusion is necessary (or not) and what was the point of it

Everyone knows the MC is unaware of the incident but us as the players do. Which is why it begs the question of: was it to induce audience pity, invoke a certain reaction? What were the stakes involved? Did it help her grow as a character? Did it throw her in another path?

For Momoko’s character – which again was largely absent, and imo her reaction should have been included, even if it was a glimpse – what was the point?

If she wasn’t the point, as you’ve mentioned:

This points out what I’ve mentioned. The point of Momoko’s suffering is not for her own character development but to futher elaborate on another’s. Jun(ko) is particularly emphasized in terms of their psych state, and one can only guess how the MC will react to the news and much more Hatch

This strikes me as unfair at the very least. There are 3 books left in the series and I hope that the author will address this with the gravity it deserves


Ah that’s too bad. I was hoping for it though, guess we have to wait for the next one. I lost so much sleep because I kept on trying. I should’ve known that it was inevitable.


I honestly feel like I’m the only person who took Jun/ko’s scene in a positive context.

When I completed the book the first thing I did was research the topic of childhood trauma, the knowledge of Jun/ko being a victim of sexual abuse motivated me to educate myself. SoH brought my attention to something that is so often neglected, it raised my own awareness and for that I am grateful.

Part of what draws me to fiction that addresses ‘gritty’ themes is the realness of it all. Because reality does not disregard or hide the ugly truth of the real world. Silence of the disharmony and corruption that plague our realities can breed violence and abuse. Therefore, I genuinely appreciate that the subject of paedophilia was brought to light.

Also, somebody please explain to me how the subject of Jun/ko’s sexual child abuse is inappropriate when the topic of romancing Masa is appropriate? Is the subject of paedophilia completely disregarded when it is for your own personal interest? What kind of warped logic is that?

Jun/ko’s reference to paedophilia is optional, you are given two warnings for Kuniko’s scene from Kohaku, and there is an explicit warning at the beginning of the book and on the app description. Whether you’ve seen or regarded the warning changes nothing, the warning signs are still there.

To those who are still voicing their concerns over the appropriation of suggestive themes, the author has provided more than enough caution.


Oook? That kind of makes sense, however, that doesn’t fully explain why Sensei didn’t choose Jun/Ko as the heir.


Did I miss this conversation in this thread? Because I’ve been volleying for M not to be a romance option since ages ago but I’ve been repeatedly shot down as M is “old enough” (despite being codefied as a child and not as a “childish” young adult)

As for the inclusion of Jun(ko)'s own trauma, I hope this is also going to be a nuanced discussion within the game and not just a tragic backstory.