Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Question!!! Is Masami an RO??? I really like her tsundere~


I don’t think Masami/Masashi is a RO, at least for now. This has been debated a lot, but in the first book, it’s mentioned how young Masa is and how much older the ronin is if you select the lovers choice to tell the guard.

How I look at it is the ronin has got at least a good ten years on Masa, if not more and Masa is underage at the moment.

PS: @Hoonie523433 You shouldn’t give your hope up, though. Masa is too cute.


And here i am, alone, having Romanced Momoko bc while I prefer having Toshio and Masami as the companions that doesn’t mean my MC isn’t bi. Also… I’m not gonna lie I’m kinda weak for the dynamic of a really messy warrior woman who uses her personality to deflect everything w/ a woman who does kind of the same albeit w/ fake composure and presenting herself in a more proper fashion.

Idk why I just like that :blush:


I do realize that toxic relationships like that won’t seem like a fun idea to everyone. :wink:

For me, I like the idea of exploring things like that in fiction because no one gets hurt and while unrealistic and unhealthy, it’s a fun scenario to play through.
(On the other hand, Joker/Harley makes me very uncomfortable, most likely because unlike in a game with choices, I don’t have control over one of the characters and I can’t decide how the story develops. In the case of MC and Jun(ko), I am largely in control of how my samurai responds to Junko’s actions - meaning I, in a way, get to decide whether my MC wants to get away from her or, in her darker moments, enjoys Junko’s obsessive behaviour.)

(I would also argue that while Joker/Harley represents a power inbalance insofar as that Harley is very emotionally dependant on him [take this with a grain of salt, I don’t know much about them], MC/Junko doesn’t have the same abusive undertone for me. Their levels of power seem largely the same - in fact, MC seems to me to be stronger if they were to ‘forget themselves’ and while they do have a lingering…something…for Junko, they aren’t emotionally dependant on her. MC doesn’t seem like a victim to me, is what I’m saying. It’s more of a battle of wills between equals with some lingering feelings and insanity mixed in.)

…anyway, apart from this bout of word vomit, yes, Masami is end goal and who I will be aiming for until the day my body is swallowed by the cold damp earth.


Noooooooo!!! I’m hoping she’s an RO since the first book. The other RO isnt as good as Masami in my opinion. Momoko is too easy as a woman. Junko, well, she is mad. And Toshi is lovely and sweet(sometimes) but i don’t really know how real intention. Masami is the best. But u are right, she’s too young for our MC. :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Well, I don’t mean to disappoint you… Just saying at this moment, Masa is probably not a RO in the sense that the others are because of the age… But people grow up. Masa once said something along the lines of “wait for me” to the ronin once.


You summed up my thoughts perfectly. That’s the same reason I’m intrigued by that romance. The psychology behind it :joy:.


Genuinely hoping that M isn’t an RO because of how possibly squicky that might turn out given that it’s the trope of jailbait wait. If it happens, I’d like to know how to avoid it like the plague please

Warning possibly upsetting material ahead:

Well. Joker was Harley’s origin story – summary: she was a psychologist/psychiatrist in Arkham assigned to Joker before “falling in love with him” (read: Joker manipulates her being sympathetic to him before pushing her over the edge (literally) – and then treating her like shit (with Harley hoping he’ll come around and treat her better and be the man she “fell for”) (so among other moments) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

[also why this moment is particularly cheer worthy because AT LAAAAAST]

In so far as Harley’s emotionally dependence on Joker is concerned, it’s the same – or at least very similar – to how battered/abused spouses/significant others justify and continue on such relationships despite (if ever) recognizing it’s a horrible situation to be in. Which is why their relationship is unsettling and why it’s compelling to read about. Don’t mistake me though, like this is a pretty heavy topic and is something that deserves to be talked about but with respect to what is about

So in relation to Jun/ko and the MC, yes, it’s not Harley and Joker – though they do share similarities (i.e. both being involved in one or the other’s origin story) – but they don’t necessarily need to be “romantically” involved to explore the psychology and other unhealthy parts to their relationship. I mean, as of now, they’re not together and boy there’s a lot of material already to unpack

Like even if you label Jun/ko as the yandere character, I don’t know how you’ll explain “I’ve decided to almost disembowel you by scarring you with my name so everyone knows you belong to me” as a form of acceptable courtship to the review board


I love M but I am on the fence when it comes to them as RO. On one hand, they are adorable and I can see why people would want to romance them, but on the other hand them having a huge, childish crush on the MC is so cute that it could stay that way and I’d be happy.

I am hoping for Hatch as an RO. Turn our Bromance into a romance.


Playing the demo is like reuniting with old friends. I liked the murder mystery arc as we see how the MC can apply their perception and instincts outside of just killing, which gives the feeling of them growing as a character throughout their journey.

On the other hand… I’m not particularly invested in the murder victim, nor do I really feel like having a reason to care what happens to a stranger like Sadao, rather I’m more into the thrill of playing detective. Of course I would much rather kill the Baron (is he the next demon on the kill list?), leave the island and save Momoko (unless she’s already dead… that might be tragic, although I highly doubt she’s actually dead).

Is Junko a more skilled with swordsmanship than the MC?


Yes, I mean probably yes. Remember she carved her name in mc’s stomach.


To be fair, our MC wasn’t in the best shape at the time. Mentally or physically.


I remain afraid of a rematch with them, she seems stronger and more vicious than the MC. Doesn’t help they’re now in possession of Sensei’s katana.


Yeah, but Jun/ko is extremely unstable emotionally when it comes to the MC. It could be used against them easily.


I’ve never bought a bundle on the Apple App Store before, and I’ve got a couple of questions.

Can someone help me figure out which option would probably be the “cheaper” option? (This is assuming that once B3 comes out, there’s going to be a bundle of B1, B2, & B3)

Let’s say I’ve already purchased SoH B1, but I’d be getting SoH B2 & B3 in the possible bundle buy. Would I be paying full price for all three games, despite having purchased one at a previous date? Or would the total cost be less than what it originally would be after you subtracted the amount that B1 would’ve counted towards in the bundle?

Alternatively, I could purchase SoH B2 and SoH B3 separately. Which would probably more expensive than the possible bundle option.


If you already bought SOH1 it will subtract that from the bundle so you won’t have to buy it twice. As for what would be cheaper… I’m not sure. SOH 3 will probably be on sale when it’s first released so I would think picking it up then and buying SOH2 seperate might be best? But I could be dead wrong there.


Not going to lie, the idea of M being a romance option makes me a little bit queasy.

Since the beginning of the novel they have been referred to as a child, at least, in comparison to our ronin. Thus I have always viewed them as such, except for that whole “viewing M as a parental figure in the spirit world” thing .

I feel like trying to physically engage with them in a suggestive manner is boarding on taking advantage. Especially since M’s naive and innocent nature is such a stark contrast to the ronins experience and overall ruggedness.

Because we don’t know M’s exact age I’m really uneasy about the idea of a romance.

Besides, there is something really special about a strong platonic bond between two characters in which one protects and looks out for the seemingly ‘weaker’ one. I really cherish that I can feel connected and protective of a character I care about without there being any romantic implications to the relationship.

Then again, if M is to be a romance option I have full trust in the authors capabilities as a writer to create a sophisticated and acceptable atmosphere.


Heck in my demo she was feisty protective did that happen to everyone? (I chose the chivarlous spirit animal)


Toshie? She doesn’t seem so protective to me :confused: Akita Inus for the win xD


My Ronin was quite surprised with Toshio’s action so far. She is hoping if he truly cares or if he only cares because he is duty bound. Truth to be told, my Ronin is attracted to him since Book 1. XD

Bring in the angst :hugs: