Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Am I the only one hoping that the Baron will somehow join us companions and then become an actual RO ? Because, I mean, SUGAR DADDY lol

I’m sorry, I’m weak for foxy gentleman.


I really want to see repercussions of the MC’s sexual interactions with the Baron, especially what the gang’s reactions are if they find out. Though some part of me believes that Tosh already knows somehow, hard to get things past unnoticed by that ninja.

And if the MC fantasises that the Baron is Jun/ko ? I can feel Tosh’s glare and hear their lecture already…


You’re not the only one :)) I agree though on the platonic partnership between them! I’m living for friendship feels and I think M is a very good candidate to show that you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to be important to the MC

(since mainstream media is super saturated with the idea of if the protag cares a lot about someone who isn’t blood related it must be romantic!)

Seriously. I really love series that put in as much effort in the non-romantic relationships as much as they do in romance (because all kinds of love is great and non-romantic love should not be subordinated by it tbh)

Same. Which is why the opening chapter for the demo is a welcome surprise and addition


Thanks for your help!


I was wondering if someone here would even mention Hatch.

Everyone else seems popular enough, but my buddy Hatch seems to not even be mentioned even though it’s possible for MC to have a secret crush on them even though they know might not go anywhere.

(That’s quite sad for the MC.)


Hatch is pretty cool. He’s actually my top choice as a RO.

  1. Hatch
  2. Toshio
  3. Baron(just 'cause)
  4. Momoko
  5. Jun
  6. Defeated Shogi Player
  7. Random Guard
  8. Toshio’s Fake Parents(love triangle?)
  9. Random Villager
  10. Poisoned Bowl of Soup

    And maybe adult Masa. Honestly, I’m waiting for a cute boy or girl to join the party so I can play matchmaker. It didn’t work out so well with Hatch and Momo…


…Nothing, but the best ROs.


I know, right?!

Honestly, I debated about Poisoned Bowl of Soup, but then I remembered the tender moment MC took that leaf from it…

It was so sweet how MC handled it carefully! :sparkling_heart:

That and the list needed filled out for a top ten list.


You are forgetting about those yakuzas!! Lol and those human traffickers too. Because my Finesse MC made them went aws. And the father of the big koi too. Lol


omg guys look what I found on instagram :joy:



Should we be worried about Momoko crossing paths with Jun(ko)?


Uh, yes! Definitely! I am so done if she’s killed by Jun/ko Look at what they did to the ronin. +He/she’s unable to beat Jun/ko.


I do wonder if Junko will be more prominently featured than in Book 2. Still unsure of the power gap between them and the MC, the one opponent I’m unsure my MC can defeat, even though I very much desire to end Junko’s life.

Still hypothetically even if the MC does somehow manage to kill them, I have a feeling it would still be a kind of victory for Junko unless they were defeated through attunement.

Alternatively maybe it would be better to redeem Junko (a little similar to Prodigal’s arc in Herofall), since they were once the MC’s first love, not that I’ve ever been able to feel sentimental regarding them.

All I personally want is to reclaim Sensei’s katana (I’m sentimental about it, even in Junko deserves it) and protect the MC’s nakama (never thought I’d ever use that word).

Do you think the drama between the MC and Junko will be a series long arc?


This is magnifique! Ohhh I love the detective part! And we learn something new about Tosh. Hmm~ I am wondering where did he discover about detective cases. He is a ninja, no detective and there is not TV so how has he learn about them? And he seems familiar with them. I find it hard to imagine a Tosh that swooned. I find it funny the look that the MC must be giving her/him when he/she was THAT different from usual.
And on the cover, is the woman the ex-yakuza? I mean, she has a tattoo of a dragon on her.


Probably from stories or books. I think murder mysteries are already there during ancient times. XD

I have the feeling that they are one of the important point of the series so I would expect more of Jun/ko in the books to come since Jun/ko is part of MC’s past.



I replayed the demo several times when I noticed that my Ronin kept acting Impulsive, despite having the Alligator as her Spirit Animal or just high Calculation. I remember having only gotten the Ronin to act on her Calculation once (when Toshie/o doesn’t have to keep them from spilling the beans), and it’s never happened since that point.

Here are the screenshots as proof:

First batch is a Ronin with the Alligator Spirit Animal.

Second batch is a Ronin without the Alligator Spirit Animal but with high Calculation.

Edit: Went back to double check if this was a scene where Impulsive vs. Calculation dictates text, and it seemingly is. Here are screenshots for an Impulsive Ronin:


Nice catch. I thought it was part of the story but it’s an odd reaction for a calculated Ronin.


Very excited about this!


Thank you! I was waiting for it!


Will we have more opportunities in the full game to increase our observation to 100%, or is the end of chapter 4 the only time we have to get our observation skill to 100%?

Also, shouldn’t it be “I pulled my foot off his leg,” instead of “I put my foot off his leg,” at the end of Chapter 3?