Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Man, that was fantastic. Hoping that there’s actual romances this time (mainly looking forward to Toshie though :wink:). Really looking forward to the final version when it comes out!


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy working on this thing! For those experiencing text input fatigue, keep in mind that the demo is the text input segment of the book. It will seem much less tiresome when a playthrough takes well over five hours.

@squarelyblue @Auser
Thanks for finding that tricky bug! Turns out the Daisuke/Keiko variables weren’t refreshing for multiple playthroughs.

Unless it’s under an < Impulsive > or < Calculated > tag, it’s fair game. If you can trust anything, trust that I’m going to use the most interesting and dramatic character interactions I can get away with. Our budding detective MC is in know-it-all mode, while the other detective of the duo, Toshie/Toshio, is more of a schemer.

It’s a nice contrast, and the alternative of MC keeping silent doesn’t add energy into the scene.

And thank you for that find! ‘Pulled’ definitely works better. The vast majority of deduction and observation increases/decreases are in the first three chapters (the demo portion).

Aside from that, there will be three choices for deduction in chapter 5, and one opportunity for observation in chapter 6. After that, those skills will be set in stone.


Neat~ I didn’t know for sure if that interaction depended on your Calculation vs. Impulsiveness. It’s so exciting to hear that you’re going to use the most interesting and dramatic characters interactions! I am bouncing with excitement! :smiley:

Speaking of which, I was playing the demo multiple times - cough because I have no life cough - and I was grinning like an idiot at all the romantic subtext between the MC and Toshie/Toshio. :grin:

I noticed that there’s an achievement for 100% Observation and I think the farthest I’ve ever gotten was above 50%, at least. If you choose the Text-Input Mode does that offer more chances to increase your Observation than the Choices Only Mode?


There are a couple of chances to increase observation with choices in chapter 3, but it won’t be enough to get 100%. Observation achievements require Text Input Mode.

For those wondering/worrying about having high observation and deduction, the way they are used will not make significant changes to the story. Observation, for example, will be used like this:

< Observation >
(A paragraph with more details depending on how high your observation is. At high levels, it’s almost like a Sherlock Scan.)


The Sherlock scan is what every good ronin needs so they have better advantage when fighting
Two swordsman with nearly identical skill the one with Sherlock scan has the advantage.
That skill can easly tip the balance of a fight even against better foes in theory


Have the characters on all of the cover arts been confirmed? I don’t know who the two ladies in the art of Book 1 and 2 are and it’s been driving me crazy.


As far as I recall, I know @MultipleChoice didn’t confirmed who the people were in the cover art unless I miss that particular post. :sweat_smile:


Personally I don’t think they are meant to be any particular character, but rather, a symbolic representation of the player’s MC and their companion/employer.


I don’t know. I’m pretty sure the dude on Book 3’s art is Toshio and the red haired lady next to him might be the yakuza girl the mc had to talk to and fight before Shiroyama (I think her name was Nishi??). The dude on Book 2 seems like Basho (He was described with long hair, slit-like eyes, a creepy smile, and I’ve been suspecting him of being the kitsune so the fox mask would also fit) and the dude on Book 1 seems like that artist’s interpretation of the male mc. I might be wrong though.


Book 1, I feel like it’s male MC and Masami.

Book 2, I feel like it’s that actor dude(whatever his name is) and Junko.

Book 3, I also think it might be the Yakuza woman and Toshio.


I always assumed the girl on the Book 2 cover was a female MC since they were wearing the hat the MC wears during the shoji tournament


Eh? Didn’t the author say that it was just a cover and the people on the cover weren’t anyone in particular? Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly…:confused:


This made my day especially during Irma at my house thanks loved the demo can’t wait for the game.


Ughh first Nobles of Asguard n now this I’m tempted to click the link n play now but I am waiting for this game to be released only then I will play still…




Book 3 looks like Toshio and female PC. Remember, like Masashi, Tosh is only male if the PC is interested in males. Her hair is also reminiscent of a hairstyle the female PC can choose to wear. I am missing the Jun tattoo though…


Exciting stuff! I cannot wait to see this work completed! You, sir have skillz with a Z.

One small remark though, regarding Jun’s encounter with one of the protagonist’s companions.
I do not believe this particular companion would be so forthcoming with information.
She has proven to be cautious, manipulative and intelligent in book 1; she knows the party is being followed, as well as the importance of their mission. IMHO, she would most likely retreat, pivot or attempt to trivialise their relationship as soon as the protagonist’s name would come up.
It would lead to the same result considering Jun’s obsessions, but would be truer to her character IMO.
Thank you for taking the time.


Yay, the continuation of SoH…or at least the demo. :smiley: (Time for me to soon continue the adventures of one MC failing to run away from the power of friendship, all while acting suprisingly noble/heroic and denying it the entire way. :P)

And is it true, will I finally be able to romance Toshie? :smiley: :smiley: I been waiting for that since his character was introduced. Who knew the way to his heart was being a good detective. I mean, he was practically swooning at my “perfect observation/deduction” MC. But potential romance aside, it’s in general so nice to see how far MC has come, regarding the other characters, like for example, going from being prejudiced against Toshie to actually caring.


Just out of curiosity - how large is the demo in comparison to the final release? Is the demo a third of the actual game? Half? Less?


With the demo at about 47,000 words and the full game at 235,000 = 20%. So you can expect five times as much for the full release!