Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Omg omg!!! Please tell me one big question i haveee!!! Is junko romancable???


Why i have a cake beside my name?!?:scream:


Its your account’s birthday on this forum. :slight_smile:


Oooohh thanks!!! Ya another fellow answered me!!! But thank yaa


I will wait for the information on Momoko before buying this one, having your RO die in a CYAO game sucks.


Always enjoy the SoH series; like most people the detective segment was really fun and getting to see this side of Toshio is so rewarding xD Can’t believe a year has passed by so fast, your writing is as much enjoyable as the first time I’ve read SoH~

Can’t wait for the release!


:smile::smile: I cannot wait until this book is released. Samurai of hyuga is by far my favorite series. I won’t name any, but many trilogies get worse after the first book. However, samurai of hyugas writing has never gotten worse or caused me to lose interest. The story line and characters will always hold a special place in my heart. :slight_smile:


I know whatchu mean :confused: And yes, SOH just keeps getting stronger. The new mechanic is an interesting change, but I don’t think it’s a total genre shift like some people might think. It’s just a new added element to the whole package.


Just realised that Masa hasn’t yet told our ronin how they survived Jun/ko’s wrath, despite the psycho killer slitting M’s throat .

I’m assuming they used a spell to get out of the situation since it seems to be the most likely, but what if there was more to it? Was it a bluff on Jun/ko’s behalf? Did Jun/ko make a secret deal with M that will be later revealed as a plot twist? Did they merely mark M to scare the MC but not actually kill Masa? Is there any ounce of humanity left in Jun/ko?

can a girl only dream?


I hope we can romance jun/ko it would be interesting to see that side of her.


I bought both of the previous games based on the demo (which @Seraphinite had mentioned based on an ask she had gotten off her tumblr) , and I have to say that I rather enjoyed all of them.

The addition of the observation and deduction stats were fun too, and I felt they were appropriate for the situation the characters were in. I look forward to seeing what else is in store. :relaxed:


Just wanna say love your books and really looking forward to playing this One! Like how you only show off your stuff once you got a full demo out


That book is back ? For real real ???


I agree. And I don’t think it’s a total genre shift at all. It reminds me a lot of the Shogi parts in SoH 2, where we also had to deduct correct symbols and/or placement. So to me, this is pretty much just expanding the system.

I’m personally looking forward to more of this mechanic, but then again, I’m extremely biased towards logic/deduction games. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m game as always with this series especially if we get some Toshie moments💰


I’m actually curious to see how the deduction thing will play out as this seems very specific to the situation – we still have to see how it blends with the events outside the island (am assuming this will be a constant in the game now and the series) – unless we get more Sherlock scan scenes scattered throughout and the game evolves to be more puzzle oriented :))


I just finished the demo, and I simply can’t wait!! Thank you so much for creating this amazing series @MultipleChoice
I hope we’ll be able to read the full release soon, but I appreciate that you’re taking your time to make it as great as it can possibly be.


[ * SOB. ]

Seriously? Already? Dear, you are spoiling us.

I change my mind. I love deduction, and I did freaking stellar. On the other hand… Momoko-chan, no!!! Jun, no!!! But, on the other, other hand, somewhere in just as much turmoil but for different reasons… Masashi, you are a mature, learned young man. I adore your childishness and innocence, but please grow up. Toshio, stop it. You’re just encouraging him. But MORE IMPORTANTLY!!! …I am not having Masashi taste poisoned soup. I’ll toss myself over to JUN before I let that happen!!!

I am enjoying this demo SO much! However, I* take issue with that statement that [s]he’s no doubt safer where she is, than with us. Because it’s even more false than the idea that I remained attuned by asking Masashi to taste that soup! I get that these are pre-generated characters, so they’re not going to be perfect, but I’m protective! That felt so WRONG!

*I mean, since I know that shite is going down just outside of Tonogasha. Even if our dear Samurai-chan doesn’t.

I may have found a mistake…? I’m playing as a female character so…

“Yukano-san cares,” Toshio responded, “I was watching how it troubled him. But it was a genius plan that revealed a would-be murderer.”

I feel that the use of a male pronoun was a mistake? It feels weird to assume he was referring to Borgia when you take into consideration the sentence that followed.

“The samurai he was supposed to kill—it wasn’t Sadao. It was you.”

I mean, dear Samurai-chan’s always been a little oblivious when it comes to stuff regarding themselves. Why would they be any less oblivious about a murder plot targeting them? Ah, I’m so excited for the next book~


It is only because @MultipleChoice takes joy from our tears and how our hearts hurt to even consider these things.


And apparently also enjoys being a tease //points to the “mount me” scene