Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



@MultipleChoice now that you may have more of the story writed can you give us an answer about wich ros will be in this book? oh and i mean real romance not flirtings choices only… (considering is the 3 book…)


I kind of want the romance options to be a surprise.

Like, I don’t want to spoil any feelings of achievement when sparks do fly between my ronin and a certain character (if they do). Because if I know who they are and the character I want to romance is romancable then, like the primitive savage I am, I will probably spend most of the game frantically trying to initiate the romance because I now know for a fact that it is possible. Then after that it just becomes a goal, really.

That organic chance is completely lost. So, no thank you. However life carries them, I want my little ronin to discover for themselves if there is love for their poor, tainted soul. And like a wise man once said,

whatever happens, happens…


Slow and steady works best for me too. Especially in the context of a game series and not just a single book. Why rush things?

Our beloved Ronin is one of the most complex and interesting MCs in any CoG I’ve ever played and I honestly can’t see her with anyone right now (except one night stands of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

I’ll need a lot more character development before I even consider a romance option.


Well, let’s agree to disagree then. My MC has already fallen hard for Momoko. ^^


Is Momoko a popular RO?


I didn’t even know she was a ro. I thought she was just a fling like the Baron.


I’m still not sure who is an RO and who isn’t.


I hope toshio is a romance we kinda of have a moment there


no one is forcing you to read the spoilers… thats why the tag spoiler exist… for those like you.

(though i will never call it a spoiler to ask wich romance are in the game… but to each their own)

there is 2 games already, this is the 3… i dont think you can call this rushing


iirc @MultipleChoice is making more books after this. so it kinda is rushing. a tad bit.


i think it’s safe to assume toshio is a romance. It has been building up to that - especially the new scenes from the demo. I don’t know if it’ll be in this book tho.

Well it depends on how long the series will be. If it’s a seven book series then a romance in the third one might be a bit early.

Besides if you think about it it’s still so early in the plot. The story just barely kicked off. The MC knows the other characters for what? Two, three weeks? A full-fledged romance at this stage would be, in my opinion, kinda of rushed yeah.

There’s still a lot of adventures ahead my friend. Let’s enjoy the ride.


@Anathema Damn! that not knowing them for long is too much realism for me, nooo! My mc down now for some Toshie😋, he didn’t get that Snow Monkey for no reason lol.


true…but in the first book the Ronin describes them as prepubescent. Even if they’re wrong, the only information the reader has is what the Ronin knows/pays attention to. Plus, in book two they’re around hip height when they’re averting their eyes from the corpse. That’s REALLY small.
tbh I’d like a clear cut answer to how old Hashimoto is, if only because I work with children and the idea of one of them being a possible RO just…idk, it doesn’t quite sit well with me.


Temptation is my weakness.

Exactly. This is part of why my ronin is falling into that dark, murky hole of seeing Jun/ko as a potential love interest. Though I have known the character little, there is history for the MC that dates back to their adolescence. This is me trying to justify my disturbing obsession with the toxic beast that is Jun/ko.

The only other character we have known longer than the rest is Masa, and I’m sure we know by now how I feel about that potential romance. (post. 177)


The topic of ‘rushing’ a relationship is another layer of difficulty when writing romance. It’s on top of an even tougher layer: we have very passionate people for and against just about every character in the story, and I have no illusion of satisfying everyone!

If I have done the romance parts of Book 3 any justice, then they will be too tied up to story elements for me to spoil. So for those very hesitant about ROs, I recommend getting feedback from readers after release.

Thank you for that find! Pronouns directed at the MC often trip me up. Glad you caught it!



I too have a shameful love for Jun. I can’t resist when two characters have a lot of history together (especially if it’s a complicated one).

She’s a badass ronin that kills for a living I’m sure very few people in the world would be able to throw her off balance except for the childhood friend/teenage lover that haunts her from the past.


One of my two characters is on the Junko love train. I’m eager to see how it develops in the coming books. (If it happens, which I hope it does.)


You know I kind of wonder how and when the MC and Junko broke up in the past and for how long they’ve been estranged before meeting up again at the end of Book 1.

But I don’t actually want to romance her, personally I see her as someone from the MC’s past whom he must confront over unfinished business. There might be some magnetism between them but I’m trying to have my MC resist it as much as he can. I know others have their own views but for me personally I just can’t picture romancing Junko to yield anything fulfilling.

Still suspicious over how Masami survived Junko’s wrath, was there a secret deal between them or is Masami not what she seems? (come to think of it, where could her parents be?)

Pretty certain Momoko is not dead which begs the question why Junko wouldn’t kill her. Maybe to use as bait?


My Ronin don’t plan to get back together with Jun as well but I am interested to know how my Ronin will overcome her past (as well Jun) to live for the future. Having someone to care about like a family (Masa-kun, Hachi and Momoko) as well as someone she hope would return her growing feelings (Toshi-kun) might help her move forward to a promising future. :grin:


I do see the MC’s companions as family, for me they represent the redemption my MC seeks. Overcoming Junko and the dark shadow she casts over his tainted soul is something that needs to happen for him eventually, although a part of me wants misfortune to befall them.

Still crossing my fingers over a potential rematch against Junko, she had a relatively brief role in Book 2 so I’ll be curious as to her purpose in Book 3.