Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



not to mention that Toshi is leader of Satsuma’s spy ring. They’re probably used to using deductive/inductive reasoning, underhanded tactics, being three steps ahead, etc.
Plus a lotta the detective scenes are just as much about the Ronin having to figure stuff out, and the implication that Toshi has figured some of it out and wants them to use skills other than their blade.


they parted on bad terms 5 years before the start of Book 1, I think


Well. Am pretty sure adult x child pairings are very illegal if not blacklistable if not handled with care.
And even if…I mean there’s a reason why Lolita was banned for quite some time

And should there be the case of jailbait wait, idk how the appstore/steam/etc will react :)) and I’d rather avoid a shitstorm and not have any underaged RO’s or RO’s with an undercurrent of wife-husbandry


Really so the whole thing with Mamoko must of been in my head…you do know you don’t have to buy the game at all right? There are romances in the game, though they may be the run off and get married ones you are looking for. I’d say they have every right to advertise romances, considering they have always been one of the better authors at writing it. If you have issues with romance being tied to the story then don’t play.


when i say romance i refer to a relationship (be it couple,marriage etc)… not one night stand…lol
i dont have anything against him advertising romance but is kinda wrong when there is no romance in the books so far.


I think we just have different definitions for what constitutes ‘romance’. I consider any scene between two characters where attraction is present and emotions are high to be a romantic scene. This is especially true for intimate scenes, as Book 2 had with Momoko and the Baron.

Because this is a series, and because it takes place over the span of months instead of years, popping in a marriage at this point in the tale wouldn’t make much sense story-wise. For that sort of relationship to work right now, it would have to be under its own “Ending” and involve a time skip. That sort of thing, you can imagine, is better suited for the last book of the series.

That said, there have been and will be relationships throughout the series. They provide a major source of drama, and you can bet I’ll take advantage of it!


romance / romancing a character or npc is not the same , what you are talking about is romance as in the word, not the term we use to define a proper relationship beetwen our mc and a npc :wink:

never said marriage, it can be some type of relationship (lover *a relationship between the mc and the npc without strings, couple *i think thats clear enough.)


Yeah um, you do know that there are multiple scenes that build up romance in each book right? It’s called a natural developing relationship. The kind of thing you’re asking for is what’s wrong with other games. You need to build up the romance so it’s natural.


Ok guys -

Please do not over-pursue a topic, especially when the author, @MultipleChoice, has commented on it.

The author is serious about publishing his game and is seeking the community’s input on his story. Providing suggestions and constructive criticism is far different then placing demands on the author and harassing him.

Romance and RO as a topic in threads like this should only be pursued if the author explicitly o.k.s it. Otherwise it can be seen as breaking forum guidelines if excessive.

Please be considerate of the community, the author who is trying to get his work published and the administrative staff that runs this community.

I do not like posting reminders. :disappointed:


I apologize to @MultipleChoice if I offended or caused any problems. Your my favorite author on the site, and Samurai of Hyuga is my favorite series.

On another note I’m curious if you planned to use the Shinsengumi again, or if they were just a one time appearance. It could be a unique dynamic of there general strong handed law approach, compared to our Ronin’s more Hitokiri approach. Plus beating them in a fight would be awesome.


dunno who are you refering to in your post… but just to be clear i was asking a question (id rather ask a question than buy something and then rate it 1 because of a different opinion or understanding about ros :wink: )


When it comes to the MCxMasami RO, you have to keep in mind their time period, not ours. Plus, this is interactive fiction, its not real.

As for her being a romantic option, you have to read into the subtext when the MC “flirts” with her. It’s not really flirting, its pretty much just teasing. They do it because they love getting a rise out of her. Whether she gets angry, embarrassed, pouts, etc. The MC finds it highly amusing. Especially when they get embarrassed and puff out their cheeks like a cute little squirrel. They note that they find it adorable/cute and that’s the main reason they do it.

My MC’s (I have multiple saves with both male/female ronins that like women) are always the Charming, Protective Pervert, the other stats I change. I’m perverted with all the females that show up, Masami, Toshie, Momoko. Toshie is too dense to notice your remarks, or if she does she rolls her eyes, glares, etc. Not really a fun reaction for my MC. Momoko at least responds to your remarks and you can act on them at a certain point. As for Masami, its like their way of teasing her, since she’s so sheltered, they get lots of good reactions from her.

As for their time period, I think the people there don’t mind at all really. Because of that one time in Book 1 when you ran into that guard and had to say what Masami was to you. If you say she’s your lover, the guy gets envious of you and even tries to tempt her away from you. Showing as its probably normal.

Even if she is a future romance option, I’m sure the author will keep it tame and tasteful. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a scene like you do with Momoko. Or if you do, it will probably be in the last book, when probably lots of time has passed or they put in a time skip of a few years or so. So not really a cause for concern.

But I’m thinking Masami is actually far older then she looks. And that her current petite looks aren’t really her true form. If you recall in Book 1 she lost the use of her Panda. Something happened to her to cause that, maybe whatever happened also caused her to revert to a child like physical state as well. She regained the use of her Panda and you see her older adult form in the dream you have in Book 1 as well. That is most likely how she really looks and her current form is only temporary. And she will revert to her adult self sometime in the future books. Anyway this is just a theory and may not be the case, but it is a possibility.


It was indeed relatively normal for marriage pairing given the time period and rough cultural area. For common folk it was very common. for status it was associated to marriages and initial getting to know your future partner though lover wasn’t out of the question just less common, though if the younger party was male it was reasonably normal.
Edit: but back on track go samurai Holmes! And their partner mage Watson.
Double edit: This kinda feels like clue…but funner.


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It is true that during that time period, it was common to be married in their teens especially women. But we have to consider the current publishing platform, they have guidelines especially Apple so I kind of understand why the author is still vague on how to address Masa’s RO situation.

Either way, I am excited that to play Book 3. I am glad Rurouni Kenshin is back so something to look forward to every month while waiting for the Book 3 release.


Yeah but if we were going by standards of the time, everyone would seem like horrible humans to us. There’s a reason anime(and media) picks and chooses how to portray samurai and the times associated with them. However Rurouni Kenshin did somthing similar but even then she was 17, which may be at least 4 years older than Masami/shi. Even then the protagonist was 28 so I still found it kinda squicky.


Anyways who is everyones fav char in this demo so far and why? Spoiler tab it if nessisary


So far, my favorite is Toshio. I didn’t know he has such obsession with mysteries
(My kind of man :wink: ).
Masa-kun is as adorable as ever. :hugs:

@Chain321 I think the reason why Watsuki-sensei didn’t cause much controversy was when Kaoru got together with Kenshin, I think Kaoru turned 18 or something.


Wall of text ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm yes because that hasn’t stopped publishers from dropping the axe on projects that include minors and adult pairings in the past (and that – yes am aware of the double standard – that Masami in particular with the MC is probably going to get the worst of it). Also because there are laws that also prohibit that sort of thing and that publishers also have rules on what they can and can’t do with minor x adult pairings — like on the grey area on “depending on how you discuss it” angle

Also depending if we actually get a confirmation of M’s age (because to be on the safe side, they are very likely not 18 – you can stretch it as far as 16 imo but they are definitely at the age of consent by today’s standard) and should there be a sex scene between them, there’s a good chance that the publishers would either ask the author to edit it out or tone it down (pop culture wise see P3P’s Ken route among others) or just remove it all together. Depending on what’s said it might be scrapped too so /shrugs

Heaven knows what the internet is capable these days and should somehow this get on radar for that, I’d rather not have that problem to begin with

And I’m very aware of the era. And have made mention of it in the past – hence why I made the argument during the supposition of M’s age when people were discussing if M was a young looking teen/adult or a pre-teen altogether that M was on the younger end of the spectrum. It is a perfectly logical to assume they’re 12-14 when Genji from the Tale of Genji was married off for the first time was around that age

So even if you were to argue the setting would have allowed it, the truth of the matter is we’re not in medieval Japan anymore :)) and current laws can be very strict on something like this. Like you I don’t want to see this project cut and not see the light of day


Toshie. It’s always good to see new sides to her.