Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



So many people excited over the Ship Teasing of ToshxMC and I’m over here like ‘…you guys, Masami.’ XD
(Btw, just to put in my two cents, I’m not against the ‘playing detective/ace attorney’ at all, I like it quite a bit in fact. I would like a little bit more interaction, but keep in mind that Hatch’s life is in danger, and they don’t have much time. They can’t exactly stop and chat over tea.)


Well as long as he gets more flings like the cute Kitsune I suppose my mc could “wait” for Tosh a little longer. Like I said he’d hardly be a devoted monogamist anyway.


Exactly. Where are all you crazy Jun/ko lovers and why are you hiding? Don’t deny it, we know you’re there, come on out…



We’re all hiding in shame. Toxic relationships ftw. :rofl:


Ain’t no shame in loving the crazy :wink:


I didn’t even think we needed hiding. Or are you guys saying there are people that don’t get uncomfortably hot underneath the collar at Jun(ko)'s madly obsessive/sexually violent behaviour? Blasphemy!

(I mean, okay, Masami is always gonna be the goal, but if you think that means I won’t be playing my MC as low-key really into Junko’s bloodlust - think again.)


Ayyyye same :sunglasses:

I’m all about that Jun. :ok_hand:
Hatch too, for that matter.

(I sure do know how to pick em’ don’t I? I’ve got a loooonnng bumpy road ahead of me.)


This must be why serial killers get love letters in prison.


Nah. Wouldn’t want to romance Jun(ko) like that ship sailed and then crashed + burned horribly

Them scarring the MC by carving their name on their stomach in the previous title and their obsession with them in this book is off putting enough for me


I am here! And all on the crazy love ride. :kissing_heart: Even if i know i will burn in some way :cry::sob:


Here. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

So sexyyyyyy and I love that possessive side of their. Amazing.

If Jun/ko turns out to be a RO, I’LL GO MAD. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well if want to go by anime tropes, Jun is the literal definition of a Yandere. And Yanderes have a powerful following.


Na I just can’t support Jun/Ko relationship, I do find it interesting to look at, the same way Joker/Harley Quinn relationship is. But best part is learning to let go move on which @MultipleChoice has been doing well.
Also agree that Masami is end goal.


I might Jun(ko) club, ever since I read a fanfic about a stoic/silent MC and Jun, it made me start to imagine and think they look good together in unhealthy way.


Where is this fanfic you speak of??



Ditto on the fanfic… Also, how bad is it that I had a dream about traveling with the SoH group as a samurai myself?


What part of that is bad???


Bad? Not at all, it’s awesome!