Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



I hope there will be more investigation later. I love it.


This is the best thing I have heard since coming back home from Texas two days ago! Come to think of it, it hasn’t been that long since SOH 2 came out.


Honestly, a year is pretty long, but maybe it’s just because my life has changed so much since Book 2 came out. And Book 2 was the reason for it, for the most part. Should I take this moment to thank author-sama for the motivation to draw again, and for the friends I found in the discord fan channel? I think I should.


Aah, this was so amazing! I could barely concentrate on reading through it because my excitement was so high :smiley:

It really is great and the change in pace- with the investigation- was awesome. The gameplay elements felt really fluid with the storytelling.
I’m glad we are getting to help Hatch (I admit, have a big crush on him) and doing the investigation with Toshio was awesome, getting to see some sides of him that we haven’t seen!


I have to admit I wasn’t expecting Toshi to swoon over a murder mystery but I will take what I can get :))

The ship tease moments were great and I can’t wait to see where it goes

And I’m very curious to see what will happen next between Momoko and Jun. I feel like she’s likely dead now though – and if she is, that’s too early a death – but I’ll hold my breath for the confirmation

Overall fantastic demo, just enough to make the reader hyped for more without giving away too much of the game. The text input is a nice difficulty spike and I liked that you gave us the choice in choice vs text. It’s a good call for those who’d rather read/not really achivement hunting

(Like I can see myself being that person lmao)


I don’t think Jun will kill Momoko, but probably maim her and use her to get at MC somehow.

But this makes me wonder why Jun ran away after carving into the MC in the first place. If he’s so infatuated with them, why did he leave? Run? So why would he be interested in someone who had connections to the MC like Momoko now? When he left the MC be in the first place?


oh no momoko nononno you done fucked again


It’s entirely possible that Jun/Junko just wants to screw with the MC’s mind. If I remember right, Jun/Junko was always the one that was more bloodthristy of the two. Although he/she prefers to be direct to get what he/she wants, I wouldn’t put it past that character to be that way seeing how we have only ran into that character once in person and the rest of the interactions were just in his/her POV.
But the only person I really want to kill at this point is Basho. I knew he was the demon of manipulation from day one.


Thanks for all the hype, everybody!

That’s Toshio and a character who was last seen in Book 1.

As long as you made it home safe, lol!

Disappointing people is one of the few absolutes when it comes to creating things. I think you would benefit from waiting until after release and seeing what the forum folk have to say.

@Sneaks @VeeGees
It’s almost silly how sensitive text input is in choicescript. I’ll make sure to add ‘stomach’, and if anyone has others words they feel should fit please let me know.

It’s very nice to hear that! I’m glad SoH has had such a positive impact.


Well, I have to recheck book 1 then, thank you for confirming :slightly_smiling_face:. I love the art by the way, it’s​ pretty cool!


Wow. I’ve read the first two books so I was excited when I saw the demo for third book is out. Hoooo boy that cliffhanger is good! Well done on that! Looking forward for more updates in the future!


Maybe the 0.01% sane part of them is trying to keep themselves away from the MC (wild guess)

Same. I wasn’t expecting a genre shift like this :)) but I’m pleasantly surprised. It worked and I can’t wait to see how else we will sleuth around and how this will tie up again with Jun(ko)


We’re finally going to be able to romance Toshie?


I hope so :)) I’ve been waiting since book one to romance the ninja

And probably relishing too much in the idea of when Jun(ko) finds out that the MC has in fact moved on


Dunno if I just misunderstood something, but when I was prompted to input the thing I picked up earlier (which was the shogi tile) the game proceeded as if I picked up the scroll of paper. I think.

The first paragraph was something along the lines of “I don’t know anything about a shogi tile, but I did pick up a scroll of paper”

Then it went on with the poem, but no mention of the shogi piece.


I adore this series. Aside from a few typos, nothing was in need of critique. The writing style was - as always, - fast paced and enjoyable. Getting attached to characters is easy; I wanted to save my alleged best friend as much as anyone, and with the added drama, it only made it more fun. Plus, Jun(ko) being around was an added treat and I hope to see more from that character specifically.

Overall a great demo. Can’t wait to buy the full book. <3


Make it happen 10/10


@MultipleChoice while the word guessing games are fun, they rely on people thinking of the exact same words as you for the things to find, and apparently not using the same terms for objects that can have many different ones decreases observation score.

I would find an alternative way to handle the puzzle sections.

Other than that - so far, I’m at the throwing money at screen and nothing happening stage :slight_smile:


You can choose to play in choice only mode and then you don’t have to input words and hope you have the right one.


Irrelevant if you don’t want to miss content :slight_smile: