Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



My MC is perverted and I got this whole scene that kinda made me hot. :flushed::fire:


Ahh, I can’t believe it’s finally here. X) I love it so far, being able to prove Hatch’s innocence, and this whole new side to Toshie is great. Also, Masami is adorable as always :heart_eyes:



MC does seem to partake in an inordinate amount of straddling.
The Gold General.
Hatch again.
Now Toshio.
She really is a pervert…

How fun!




I had to go back to read it with a perverted MC and I gotta say that was pretty great.

Now I need to make a preverted MC to romance Toshio with…


I’ve loved Tosh since Book 1 and somehow my love for them has increased tenfold with this demo. It’s cool to see something other than their usual calm detachment about what’s going on and boy was I surprised by the Borgia leg snap scene. I haven’t been this excited for a release since Book 2!


@MultipleChoice hope you dont add more investigation things since for me its pretty boring…
i have to ask since there is already 2 books and the ro in the previous games is only some flirt and fun with momoko, if this game is going to be more of the same i think i will be pretty disappointed,
disappointed by the fact that the previous 2 games seems more centered in the plot than in character development, there is almost not romance scenes even though there is only 1 ro…
you are one of the writers here i admire, both for your skills in writing and games.
( i think its time we expect a bit more of you, i know you have it in you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t know it is intentional or not

Junko licked her lips and returned them to her tobacco pipe. To keep herself sane, she kept busy by smoking with one hand and caressing his katana with the other.

I think it’s should be her
Sorry my mistake, I don’t read far enough to know it’s in Jun/Junko point of view :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure it was referring to the male MC (that’s the route I took) or the Sensei. I could be mistaken though.


I bit weird though if it referring to male mc considering it’s in his point of view, but it is possible that he referring to Sensei. But just in case I let the author know

Yeah it’s mistake in my part :sweat_smile:


It’s referring to the MC because In the last book Jun/Junko stole the MC’s katana and left the mc with theirs


I believe that happened in the first chapter of the second book


Yea thats what I meant sorry lol


Oh oh ahhhhh it’s here it’s here! (faints).
As much as I love Toshie, can we get some more Masami in here?


I am having so much fun in this demo! I had a lot of fun with the investigation, it brought me back to my Ace Attorney days when I played them when I was younger. Im not sure how everyone else feels about it, but I love it!


I’m haven’t properly started the game due to work. ^^; But I do love the deduction process since I’m a big fan of Ace Attorney as well (Come to think of it haven’t finish AA7 yet ) and love reading the mystery genre.

I do have to be honest though, I got stumped at the first text box but will review it again later because Toshio distracted me. XD


I liked the detective stuff too. Though I screwed up examining the cook’s wounds because the game didn’t recognize “stomach”…


Yeah I did the same, I guess we just have to accept that it’s a work in progress and some words still need to be added. Still so awesome though!


Whew, that was a great little Demo. I loved the investigation aspect of it. The answer to the boxes weren’t that hard, because they were all words hinted at in the text leading up to the boxes. It was also nice to see some attention given to Toshie this time around. Really great fun, and I can’t wait until the complete game is available to play.


Sweet merciful jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. It’s been so long.