Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



For the text input investigating the body, I put ‘ropes’ instead of ‘rope’ and it didn’t work. Pulled my hair trying to figure what I was missing lol. Demo is great, I’m so excited to see more of this!


I’m just saying that there already is an alternate way to play already if the text input isn’t your thing.


Yes and it quite clearly warns you’ll miss out on content, but either way the puzzles need altering.


Well I’m hoping in this book we get to finally see more of our cute hunk of a Kondo who my mc has been in lust with ever since he posed a noble boy groom back in book 1. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Present day Masashi is too young for me and my mc, his all grown up version in the dream though…
Still my mc sees the kid more as the little brother/family he may have always wanted but never had.

Shows my age, I actually did decently on the first try, got 80% in one 90% in the other and I use my dictionary to help with word input, much like I did with some really old text games I used to have and play.


I like the text puzzles, if you write ‘help’ in the text box, Our favorite Ninja actually gives us the words to ask in his prompting. Also, I got to say I enjoyed seeing other characters point of view. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.


I have to respectfully disagree. I like the text, it adds a challenge to the game and the words you need appear in the book so it’s not just a wild guess.


Damn I do love this series. Just wanted to say I was thrilled to see a demo. Probably my favorite MC of any CoG/HG.


You can disagree all you like, but when the clue is “stomach with X shaped cut” and the game goes “huh?” when you type stomach? Also, consider some people may quite naturally use a plural for ropes instead of rope because there’s more than one but the game expects rope?

That is the issue, not that the puzzles exist.

I enjoyed the puzzles but they need altering or the choice only path needs to proceed on the assumption that MC is successful during the puzzle stages and progress without skipping content.


Ah, I was misunderstanding you, my apologizes. Yes, I can agree that the text can use some more tweaking, adding some words (I got caught up on the stomach thing too).


For the stomach part I just typed in ‘X’, because that’s the thing that stood out the most


I have to agree that I had trouble with the text based choices. Mostly it was just not understanding what was required for me at first but when I did, I typed in words that was wrong or spelled the wrong way like “ropes” for “rope”. But it was a nice change for the series.


YES. (20 excited characters)


@LordOfLA @njl @MichaelCrank
Thank you! Your frustration has saved me countless 1-star reviews on the app market. This is the feedback I’m looking for, because my goal is to challenge the players—not frustrate them.

The words ‘stomach’ and ‘ropes’ have been added.‘Body’ is too general because that could encompass both the slashes and the bruising. If you find any other good words you feel should fit, please let me know.

The text-input segments and the observation/deduction increments and decrements are all at the front of the book. This makes sense because of the investigation, but it also helps perfectionists who want those 100%'s without having to restart many hours in.


@MultipleChoice Do you get some kind of sick kick out of hurting us. You know which chapter im talking about. This game is still great to me


A suggestion, maybe if someone typed in ‘body’ or some other term that was too generalizing you could add a quick note for the player, i.e in the MC’s POV, something like, ‘What about his body? Its a mess.’ Or something like that.


Maybe! I think Book 3 will be an emotional rollercoaster for many players.

That’s a great suggestion! It doesn’t take long to implement these, so if you think any more useful ‘general’ terms like this please let me know.


Would you consider adding “scroll” when referring to the paper I took from Borgia’s jacket? In the choice it’s described as “a piece of parchment, rolled tight” but scroll isn’t an option.


Oh, man, I’m so happy to see this! I adored the first two books, so I’m super excited to see what will happen in this one. It’s especially interesting to see move lively side of Toshio/e (even if it is because someone got murdered…). So ready for the rest of the book!

Though I do have a minor question about how you use a word: “Discoloration beneath the neck, across the left shoulder and around what remains of his stomach area.” Toshio complained, “His entire lower body is soaked in blood…” Complained doesn’t feel like the right word to use here? Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like Tosh is actually complaining about Mukai’s bruises, so it seems out of place.

That aside, I really did enjoy the first chapters. I can’t wait for the rest!


One of the best series out there, it’s gonna be lit


I have to be cautious around this book now.