Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing this side of Toshie but I just don’t want our little Masami to be stuck in the background. And we really don’t know what they’re ages are yet (as much as one might try to beg @MultipleChoice for it).


They’re young enough to still have baby fat (mentioned in Book 1) but old enough for people to think they could be lovers (also mentioned in Book 1)

Not yet factoring their behaviour though which is another story entirely

Personal headcanon is that M is in their early teens. If you’ve read the Tale of Genji, the titular character was a pre-pubescent kid when he first got married (iirc 12/13 ish)

Given the setting, it seems appropriate that M could very plausibly be in a similar case


I suppose so but the problem lies with Google Play and Apple if they would allow such topic to exist in this type of games.I suppose I couldn’t blame the author if he was vague with M though due to this. XD


Yeah it’s hard to tell, my personal head cannon puts them at 18-20 (I’ve met people at this age who look a lot younger). And they don’t give the MC their age because they’re embarrassed that they don’t look it (hence their older appearance in the spirit realm is what they wish they were like).
And the exact words are “a babyish face with those chubby cheeks of hers to blame” so all it’s saying is that she has chubby cheeks something that even adults can have.


Yay!! So happy this is here!


I factor them a lot younger though solely because even if they’re the tsuntsun type, they just feel…like a kid?

I know adults can be immature but the MC referring to them as “kid” (plus their repeated use of baka + general know-it-all-ness) feels to me like a child trying to put their foot down and show that they are capable of being in the same table as a grown up

So I’m very fine with M remaining as a charge for the MC. I feel their time to show their skills will come sooner or later but probably much later as things are


Yeah it’s weird how two people can read the same thing and interpret it completely differently. I always saw them as a young adult who has never really been anywhere or done anything and so acts a bit naive and innocent and so we call them kid because of this rather than because of their age. And they hate the way everyone still sees them as a child, and so they try to prove themselves, cause you know they aren’t a child. But this in itself is childish and so their big moment of maturity will come when they stop trying to prove themselves and just do what’s best for everyone.
And the whole baka know it all stuff comes from the differences in how they learnt everything they know. They learned everything from books while the ronin learned everything from experience. The ronin is baka because they don’t know reading or high class culture or spirits/magic, Masami is kid because they think this is all they know of the world.


Alright, I just have to pitch in in this Masami convo. I think Masami is young, but likely older than the MC thinks. He sees her as being 12ish, but I think she’s 14-15. There are just some things that give me a vibe of her not being nearly as young as he thinks. (On the flip side of the coin, I think the MC is not nearly as old as he makes us think :joy: I picture him in his early 20s, since when he talks about his Sensei and Junko, he says it was ‘5 years ago’, and his Sensei trained them from when they were very young. I think the MC feels much older than he is, just like Masami is so mature for her age.)


Same-ish? I don’t have an age range for the MC save that they’re somewhere in the young adult range but definitely not a teen anymore

Basically, the headcanon is that this adventure is their quarter life crisis :))


Oh god its the age discussion again. I still remember the ones from the last demo.


Lol ! Same ! And then there is the little moaning. Ohmygod!!


Quarter-Life: Halfway to Destruction
(sorry for the off-topicness…)


Mood. Honestly, there was the tiny voice of George Takei going “ohmyyyy” while I was reading that part

Also me: ugh it had to take a murder for anything remotely shippy to happen and I don’t know how to feel about that.But also: just kiss already oh my god

Actually. If you ship T with with MC, this whole segment was a treat to play through. Like I was sinking into the covers going “YOOOOOO”


Yes!!! Thank you very much!!! I am was sooo sad when it ended i almost cried and couldnt get it off my mind for months!!! I wanted to leave a coment on your site especially about the other amazing game you made!!! Fateheaven… i cried like a little bitch at that one… but i typed so much and my pc closed the window and i jusy couldnt bare the sadness of the end of your works​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sob::sob::sob::sob: i wish everytime i reached the end, i would gorget and read again and feel everything again!!! I still can, but i replayed everything sooo much…

You are just an so freaking amazing author… for first time i can call myself a fan of your works!!! Thank you very much for every piece you produce!!! Keep the good work!!! And have a freaking amazing day!!!


I do wonder if there will ever be a topic about this game where people don’t start discussing Masami’s possible age. (Not that I’m complaining - I’d get all up in that (again) if it didn’t seem sort of off-topic.)

As for the demo: Yes please. I liked the investigations (and had no trouble picking the right words), although it does kind of drag on when you do more than one playthrough. While the player gets to forego the text-input, I’d very much like to know which content that’ll make me miss out on. Other than the achievements, the warning at the beginning is rather vague.

I also quite liked Junko’s appearance and Momoko’s implied death at her hands actually gets me all excited to see how things will develop, as well as Toshi’s nerdgasm for mystery-solving. I played through the game with my usual calm, collected and stoic MC first, but went the pervert route on the second run just for the straddling scene.

Still, as much as I enjoyed the investigative work, I admit I’ll be glad to get off that island. It just doesn’t have that nitty-gritty dirt feeling my ronin needs to feel at home.

Other than that, it’s hard to give objective critique because the detective work went quite smoothly for me and I didn’t have many difficulties on that front - and my subjective ‘critique’ is just 1. not enough Masami let me romance her dammit pls I need it and 2. I need the full game right now.

That said, take your time and I’ll be looking forward to the new installment.


Am not sure if this was mentioned but I found a bug? @MultipleChoice, I had a file where I’m playing as a perverted but sympathetic FeMC where Daisuke lives. But the choice during the knot question has Keiko listed as the option before reverting back to Daisuke


Same here I don’t think its because of perverted female mc. I played as chivalrous straight male mc and I still got the same bug.


During the investigation I copy pasted ハッチ into the prompt and got nothing. I guess that there could be some sort of issue with using a foreign alphabet though.


Has any other lovely input “Baka” as of yet? :hugs:
Or a seduced “Baron”? :smirk:
Or…“Toshio”? :no_mouth:

Of course I am wringing silk napkins as to Toshio’s possibly, likely doomed fate. That warning from Satsuma and his willingness to throw himself on the sword to prove his worthiness casts quite the shadow…


As someone who’s been gunning for Tosh in the romance department since Book 1 that’s my greatest fear, especially after that emotional rollercoaster comment…