Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo



Yup. I’m really hoping MultipleChoice doesn’t pull a Game of Thrones here and starts killing off characters left and right. :fearful:


Y’all are overthinking it. The canon is that the MC is ageless. That’s what @MultipleChoice’s evil twin @SingleChoice has told me, anyway.

Don’t use the Japanese characters. Think of a synonym for a letter or a character.

Anyway, I’ll finally be able to talk about what I think of the game so far, and I think it’s pretty great!

The detective work is implemented (mostly) well, and it helps develop our ronin as well as force us to think about what we’re doing at the same time (or if you’re like me, just figure out what the trick is to solving every scene :sweat_smile:)

They do drag on after a while however, especially on multiple playthroughs, so I wanna know what the warning at the start of the game is referring to if we decide to skip the scenes.

I also like how we can be a lot more flirtatious with Toshie than before. I like the other ROs as much as anyone, but Toshie is making it pretty easy for my pervertRonin to ship some moves over to her. It’s pretty lovely, if I do say so myself..

Anyway, if you release another public version of the demo, I can talk about it more then. I didn’t look through the last hundred or so comments, but I’m sure they were helpful nonetheless.


And then there’s me who will read anything and everything SoH related because I am an obsessive caveman.


Yes, yes and yes, like I said Toshio is the one my mc has been in love lust with from the very beginning, of course he is hardly a devoted monogamist and Baron Kitsune was and perhaps still is a very nice diversion too.


And since T is not exactly a fighter, this is going to end poorly if Jun(ko) steps in

Though unlikely part of the game’s scope, I’d like justice for the Kondos but shrugs


That makes me wonder if there are any Benefits of Repercussions to the bit of ‘fun’ you can have with the ‘Foxy’ Baron (heheh foxy, get it?) Or if it is going to be something of ‘eh it happened, let’s not mention it again’ sort of deal?

Like I’m 60% sure it would get a gasp of shock from someone in the MC’s party.


I’ll get justice for them even if I have to beat the hell out of everyone in the country personally. I already punched a fool once for Toshies honor in Book 2, I’ll do it more if I have to. :triumph:


Probably the kid, it’s one of his buttons my mc thoroughly perverted mc loves to push.


It was too much fun to pick on him with those options in book one. XD

Yeeeah, though wouldn’t put it pass Hatch to blush like school girl if he wasn’t still ticked off at the MC that is really not their fault.


Well, there is a tracking variable on whether a romantic encounter with the Baron involved only him or invited Jun as a mental passenger. Quite, quite curious over that possibly delightful disaster.


Take my money!!! (20 characters looking for purpose)


Well I don’t mind the genre shift, I am disappointed there isn’t more character interaction.

Now obviously it isn’t missing entirely, but the demon hunting in part one didn’t detract from the companion interaction, the Shoji didn’t detract in part two, but the murder mystery feels like its getting in the way of companion time in this demo.

I liked Tosh getting all excited, I liked our charge feeling left out, I liked Hatch being all hysterical.

Maybe I’m just greedy, but I wanted more of that good stuff.


Agreed. I’m not against the detective interactions though I do feel like it’s somehow in the way of us, as readers, connecting with the characters like we did in the first couple of books. And I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’d be glad to finally get off the island…

Everything that’s happened on the island seems so surreal to me, like all the characters are stuck in some sort of weird, dream-like, kabuki play and that none of its actually happened. Which leads me to be reluctant in getting emotionally involved in all the scenarios because there’s some part of me that doesn’t believe it is actually happening. Anyone else?

Jun finding Momoko , however, I know for a fact is very real and can’t wait to get back into the hearty dirt and grit that is Hyuga.


OMG! It’s finally here! I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!


I can’t wait for the full game, especially if I get to romance the ninja


LOL, I feel like I’m committing blasphemy to many in this thread when I say I got to say if there is more flirting in this book I’m going to be happy for the fact we are getting a slow burn sort of romance. I’ve always been more of a fan of build up to a relationship instead of instant gratification. XD It’s one of the things I’m appreciating about Tosh’s potential romance.

Just my two cents worth of thought. <3


Same. No one disrespects the ninja on my MC’s watch

Also. Given how scarred MC’s romantic life is (actually relationships in general), the moment where they confirm their feelings to our fave ninja better be with a lot of feels


Yeah, me too. I think this series would be even better if there’s more romance… But hey, that’s just my opinion.


I feel slightly bad cause I kinda still want Junko as a RO. Idk her crazy is kinda attractive :disappointed_relieved:


OMG! OMG! I spent some days without visiting the forum and when I enter the demo for SoH 3 was released. I’m crying of happiness right now. I was so sad and down these days and this wip got me so excited :smile:
I loved the text inputs and the mysterys to solve. My ship is finally starting to saaaaail, my stoic mc couldn’t be more happy about it. Though I’m a little worried about what happened to Momoko, it’d be disappointing if she died and so soon. It wouldn’t be fair.