Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

No matter what you say you’re going to get cut up, the options are just there to get into your character

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I would really like to play some scene of the past. Maybe in the orphanage and how both of them met each other and their master. Because like mentioned before the kids of the orphanage would fight and steal from each other for survival. But maybe Jun/Junko and the MC started to work together there so they could secure their survival. And maybe good old master didn’t intend to take both of them as an apprentice for his technique and one of them followed the other into this cursed path.

[spoiler]In my view of the MC he/she feels guilty for Juns/Junkos state. And this connection that they have can’t be separated in my opinion. Whatever it was just pure lust for the body or something more.

And due to the fact that my MC can’t love anyone because of his/her past (deems himself/herself unworthy of such happiness) I will hope for an option for the MC to save Jun/Junko from his/her madness. Even if it means to die for it. Because when I chose that my MC would save more people than he/she has killed I can’t bring myself to believe a character like this wouldn’t try to save his/her only “childhoodfriend”, fellow student and “lover”.

Although MC has feelings for Masashi/Masami but more on a level like a father/mother. If the lillte one doesn’t make a move on my MC I guess it will stay like that and he/she will probably die with Jun/Junko if the MC is unable to save him/her. To end the legacy of their cursed swordtechnique and to find peace of mind.[/spoiler]


Which is why you should always play with the ChoiceScript source open in another window/tab :smile: (That, and I also like to cheat by seeing the consequences before making a choice.)

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Ha! That’s what I do! I play through once or twice on my own, then play through with the source open. Occasionally I rewrite bits of the games or change the rewards/stat changes you get for choices as a bit of a cheat (usually any game that has money, I like having a super rich character).

Sometimes I do really petty things like adding “I’m a douche bag!” to the end of every bit of dialogue for a character I hate. So much fun.

Sounds more fun than spamming restart button like a goddamn caveman. I know you can download ChoiceScript from the main page, but how can you access other people’s games in it? For science, of course.


For science! (You can’t access others games through the download link for ChoiceScript itself, that’s just the barebone mechanism behind it. You can see the code of games others made though.)


The code, yes, that’s what I meant. Much obliged :grin:

Science time~


If you are on a mac using steam, you can navigate to the game (show in finder), right click, “Show Package Contents” then contents>resources>deploy>scenes then you can open any of the chapters in a basic text editor. Open the TXT files to view, and the json files to edit the game. If you find something in the game you want to edit while playing you find the same lines in the json file edit them, then close and open the game for the changes. You have to do it before the code fires, so before you make the choice that would use that code you are editing.

On a PC I think you have to extract the game first from the exe, then its pretty much the same thing, but if you want to make changes you have to run the extracted copy through a browser like firefox, not the original game through steam, since you cannot alter the original on a pc without a lot of fuss.

EDIT: That is for Steam, if on google chrome on a mac you just navigate to the app’s folder in library (might be hidden folder) >application support>google>chrome>default>extensions> then find the folder that has the game, then it is the same as above just find the scenes folder. I’m not sure for google chrome on a pc.

If you want to edit things

If you want to edit things, not just look at the outcome of choices, you have to be careful. You can easily break the game if you don’t know what you are doing, for example the game might rely on a check of a skill between 10 and 20 (something like “if skill > 10 and < 20”), since at that point in the game the max skill you could get would be under 20, and you put your starting skill in startup to 50 you are going to break things, unless you change the skill check to equal or greater than 10. Usually if a game is coded well then they don’t put upper limits on things so its harder to break, but keep in mind what you are editing, and how you are editing things. And don’t add extra code lines, so if a choice doesn’t have any reward/stat change and you add one, you will break things. You can however just change rewards/stat changes that already exist. It is easier to do all your stat changes in the startup file and opening prologue/chapter 1 since they usually set things up quickly. I usually change the default names list so my name that I want to use is the first choice, and I don’t have to re enter my name each time I restart.


To be fair,

The level that the character is “sexualized” to me seems proportional to the amount of choices you make in the game that increase the perverted level of your character. So I feel in that case the narrative is reacting to the player’s choices.

Again, though, even if you play a chivalrous character she’s very sexualized. It would be one thing if she was described like this if you made perverted choices, but my character was not perverted at all and would never look at a person like that.


Whoa… I owe you a virtual beer or something, thank you for writing this, it must have taken some time :slight_smile:

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Ok, new theory. She, (Momoko), is a succubus/appropriately japanese themed demon thing along the same lines, but is much weaker than the gold demon lady, and she was just tired of working for her and got us to do her boss in. She “somehow” managed to break free of the mind control and “somehow” managed to find us at just the right time wearing a super skimpy outfit (if I remember correctly). So maybe she lost most of her power, and all she can do is make people around her think of her in a sexy way? And emotionally manipulate people for her own gain and protection. Like pretending she was trying to kill herself, and making Hatch fall in love with her quickly. (We also physically hurt her a few times but she seems unfazed/heals very quickly). But she tries to seduce the main character for protection, and ends up leaving because no matter what happens she doesn’t have full control over the main character and know it is too dangerous for them (as a demon) to stick around.

Although it has been a while now since I have played it, so my memory may be pretty fuzzy on the details.


Man I loved it so much! Just as great as the first one if not better! However is there anyway to romance Toshie or is that gonna be in Book 3?

It was confirmed that Toshio/Toshie is not yet romanceable. I’m hoping he/she will be romanceable on Book 3. 。^‿^。


That cliffhanger at the end though…


I’m beginning to think that all installments save for the finale will end in a cliffhanger.

Book 1: Masami in danger
Book 2: Hatch in danger
Book 3: Toshie in danger?


Well I can’t get all that worked up about Hatch being in danger, I mean he does kind of want to murder me for making love to Momoko… [sigh] I told him she was a lesbian, not sure how he thinks this is my fault!


Book 3: Toshio’s chastity in danger?[/perverted MC]


Hatch gets upset even if you reject her. So I’m thinking this is more about envy than jealousy.


What a jerk! I tried to get their date to go well since I thought she wanted him over me :cry: