Samuel's Choice of Games directory


1.) dfabulich
2.) jasonstevanhill

1.) Havenstone
2.) JimD
3.) CJW
4.) FairyGodfeather
5.) Reaperoa

Choice of Games Authors:
1.)Heather Albano - Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Zombies, Choice of Broadsides
2.)Adam Strong/Morse - Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon
3.)Jason Stevanhill - Choice of the Vampire, Choice of the Vampire: Fall of Memphis,
4.)Katherine Buffington - Choice of the Ninja
5.)Paolo Chikiamco - SLAMMED!
6.)Christopher Brendel - Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck
7.)Alana Joli Abbott - Choice of Kung Fu
8.)Jonathon Valuckas - The Fleet
9.)Catherine Bailey - To the City of the Clouds
10.)Dorian Hart - Choice of the Star Captian
11.)Gavin Inglis - Eerie Estate Agent
12.)Zachary Sergi - Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
13.)Richard Jackson - Choice of Zombies
14.)Dan Fabulich - Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides

Hosted Games Authors:
1.) Samuel Harrison Young - Trial of the Demon Hunter, book one of Demons Among Men (THIS WILL COME OUT BEFORE FEBRUARY, MOST LIKELY)
2.) Jim Dattilo - Zombie Exodus series
3.) Allen Gies - Apex Patrol, Marine Raider
4.) Mike Walter - Paradox Factor, Life of a Wizard
5.) Paul Wang - Sabres of Infinity
6.) Sam Landstrom - Wizard’s Choice Volume One
7.) J. Leigh - Way Walkers: University, Way Walkers: University 2
8.) Alex Livingston - The Sons of the Cherry, The Nightmare Maze
9.) Andy Why- The Race
10.) Kie - Dead Already, What Happened Last Night?, Paranoia
11.) Pauzle - Popcorn, Soda…Murder?
12.) Steve Cave - Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope
13.) Matt Slaybaugh - Dilemma
14.) Myth Thrazz - Imprisoned

Work In Progress Authors:
1.) Samuel Harrison Young - Colonizing Kepler 62e
2.) Andy Why - Colonizing Kepler 62e, Black Raven: The Key to Freedom
3.) Havenstone - Choice of Rebels
4.) Jim Dattilo - Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
5.) Vendetta - Vendetta: Rise of the Gangster
6.) Allen Gies - Tin Star
7.) CJW - Terminal
8.) CammyCamaro - An Office Adventure


It would be very helpful if we had links to the latest version of works in progress. It would be a big hassle to maintain though. Perhaps on Choice of Box or something.


I was thinking the same thing. I think @Lucid has asked @lordirishdas about adding something like this to the site.


Maybe just a link to the game threads. Easier to maintain that way.


Easier to maintain, but most threads make you search thru all their pages several times to make sure you’re getting the actual latest link, buried in tons of posts.


Usually the updated story is still attached to the very first link, because the link doesn’t change if the content of the files do, unless the files change locations. At least for Drop Box, anyway.




It would be good to have a comprehensive directory with even the obscure games listed, such as the remarkably cute trouble with wumples:


Good catch! I wish I could edit that in but it’s too late.

Hehehe, I’ll have to check that out.

Hmm…It appears as though I’m also missing Land of Three Classes.

I just played Trouble with Wumples and it’s very disheartening. In 5 minutes, I got my neck broken by a viscous wumple, and then accidently got my wumple cooked.


@Samuel_H_Young will make a spot on the site. Then writers can comment changes such as links and new information. I can update the the list from the comments. Will use the list you created as the base.

I have the page setup just need to start updating the list now.


Awesome:) I forgot Land of Three Classes and ORPHEUS Ruse so remember to include those


Under WIP authors you skip from 3 to 8, lol.


I am slowly adding to the list.


Oh, ok. Sorry.
Most people would start from the bottom and work their way to the top or vice versa (hence why I thought you’d missed some)!


@CJW working from my phone so very slow going but will make adjustments tonight :slight_smile:



Here are links to:
The Race


Colonising Kepler 62e

While I’m at it, here are links to all the other hosted games:

The Nightmare Maze

Popcorn, Soda… Murder?


What Happened Last Night?


Land of Three Classes: The exam


Marine Raider

Zombie Exodus


Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope

Dead Already?

Apex Patrol

The Sons of the Cherry

Life of a Wizard

Way Walkers: University

Way Walkers: University 2

Sabres of Infinity

Murder in Berlin




@AMWhy this is great thank you. I wont be able to put these up until tonight, but very helpfull.