We're finally on Wikipedia!



We made it to the big leagues!

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:tada::tada: Congratulations are in order :grinning:


Congrats! This is really exciting.


Seems like Today Tvtropes Tomorrow Wikipedia came true. Congratulations My Dear Dr.Dooms


Is it weird how emotional I got looking at the games? Like, I’d been following this company since 2010, and to see it blossom from 4 games to 73 in seven years is astounding to me.

You guys are all wonderful–Dan, Jason, Mary, Becky, Rachel, and Abby–and you have all done amazing work with this company and growing it. I’m glad to be part of your company’s fanbase :heart:


I have to wonder: of all things, why is “platform” in that table?

(Also, the description of Hosted Games is decidedly wrong.)


I thought the description for Hosted Games was odd, too. I don’t have an account on Wikipedia but I feel like a subsection for Hosted Games with a list would be a good addition.

As for the platform, they do it for most if not all gaming companies. I assume it’s for people who are looking for more games to play so that they know whether or not they have a system that can run it


I would change it myself (I do have an account) but you’re not supposed to edit pages that you have a direct interest in.

And I guess I understand about platform, but since we’re pretty much available on the same for all games, it might as well just be put at the top, and use that space for something else. Like “author” or “managing editor” or something else more useful.


Congratulations you guys! This is so cool!

Author and editor would be good for sure.


I love how it reads Cryptakers 2017 and they are still not out. Oh I just so love when people are not punctual.

Not sure what you mean by that. We’ve planned to release Cryptkeepers on Thursday the 21st. It’s being released Thursday the 21st. I.e., tomorrow.


Wowie! A new game, AND my favorite gaming company gets more public recognition? Now I know it’s Christmas.

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Guys, as far as i know, everyone can edit the pages and all, and create new too. Correct me if i am wrong, but i think we all can access the edit part?

I remember when writing on project that i could add a part or edit it or something.

Very neat! Now how long before the page gets vandalized for the first time?

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After @Fluffy_Buffy mentioned that I could edit the Wikipedia page, I went ahead and added authors! I don’t know how to add more columns to the table, so I was unable to add editors, though. So if someone else wants to do that, and also knows how to add a column and can tell me how to do so, I’d appreciate that :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Edit: I just figured it out! I’ll go back and add that now
Edit 2: I tried it, then I lost my edits. If no one else adds editors, I’ll try again tonight!


This is so very, very exciting! Like @RedRoses, I’ve been following COG since before Vampire came out, so seeing it grow and get recognition is just, well, incredible. Not going to lie, I did tear up a bit at seeing this.

This is just the beginning, CoG will rise even further!

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That’s awesome! I couldn’t find a Wikipedia page on Choice of Games…but now I can!! You guys rock, seriously. Btw, 73 games in 4 years is a feat.