Talon's CoG Directory




Game Makers (Active, Demo is also needed,Must be well known)
Havenstone-Choice of Rebels
JimD- Zombie Exodus
Vendetta- Vendetta
Jeantown- Guenevere
BlazedStorm-Beast Within
JLBH-Tattooed Wings
Aera-Death Reapers Contract
Arcania-Legacy of the Assassin
Random- Dragon!
Miki-From Beyond The Stars
AllenGies- Tin Star
Dolphinzgirl-Team Zero

(Will update as needed) By Talon5505


I wrote Trial of the Demon Hunter, which will be the newest Hosted Game.


Here’s some more. Lots with real names instead of handles.

Choice of Rebels: Havenstone
Farside: Blood for Poppies
Rise of the Pirate: Headhunter180
Rise of the Gangster: Vendetta
Ravenloft: Lordirish
Red Moon: AlexCosarca
The Seven Winds: Tenryu
Family: An Outcast’s Beginning: LOR
Empowered: Wolfwriter20
Wanderlust: DaveDPF
Scales and Tales: FairyGodfeather
Fist Full of Dubloons: Nine
The Outbreak: Sandstorm
Ghost in the Library: Lordirishdas
Unnatural: Nocturnal_Stillness
Life of a Mobster: Lucid


Heather Albano - Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Zombies, Choice of Broadsides

Adam Strong/Morse- Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon

Jason Stevanhill- Choice of the Vampire, Choice of the Vampire: Fall of Memphis,

Katherine Buffington- Choice of the Ninja

Paolo Chikiamco- SLAMMED!

Christopher Brendel- Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck

Alana Joli Abbott- Choice of Kung Fu

Jonathon Valuckas- The Fleet

Catherine Bailey- To the City of the Clouds

Dorian Hart- Choice of the Star Captian

Gavin Inglis- Eerie Estate Agent

Zachary Sergi- Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

Richard Jackson- Choice of Zombies

Dan Fabulich- Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides


Jim Dattilo- Zombie Exodus series

Allen Gies- Apex Patrol, Marine Raider

Mike Walter- Paradox Factor, Life of a Wizard

Paul Wang- Sabres of Infinity

Sam Landstrom- Wizard’s Choice Volume One

J. Leigh- Way Walkers: University

Alex Livingston- The Sons of the Cherry, The Nightmare Maze

Andy Why- The Race

Kie- Dead Already, What Happened Last Night, Paranoia

Pauzle- Popcorn, Soda…Murder?

Steve Cave- Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope

Matt Slaybaugh- Dilemma

Myth Thrazz- Imprisoned


I said active ones. The hosted ones have names.
A few of the ones in your original had ones that people have abandoned. Like blood for poppies and Seven winds. I also didn’t want some of the extra ones that nobody really knows. I wanted ones that are popular, so I put them as I saw fit. ;-;


I’m not an idiot, I thought things out ;-;


Still, I’m a little offended :confused:

You’re also missing Dan as an admin.


Just some ideas. It’s clearly labeled as Talon’s COG list. :slight_smile:

I didn’t make the cut either, @Samuel_H_Young Maybe some day. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna go make a directory of my own.


I like the idea of a very simple directory. Forum name, WIP, active/inactive, published works. Not a lot of detail, just a one liner.

Maybe a good thing for Choicebox? @lordirishdas It would take some work to keep it up to date.


It would be very helpful if we had links to the latest version of works in progress. It would be a big hassle to maintain though. Perhaps on Choice of Box or something.


I’m active but not on the list. Does that mean I’m unpopular? :smiley:

It’s a good idea to make a directory. Personally, I wouldn’t make it exclusive, but include all games. Even the inactive ones. Then, if the author returns they can give you a gentle prod to have their game moved up from ‘inactive’ to ‘in progress’.

Edit: I see Samuel’s started his own directory. I wonder if this will eventually become a choice, like Collins or Oxford English Dictionary…


@Lucid, you missed ORPHUES RUSE (most likely misspelled) by (I have know idea who wrote anything… We really do need a good directory)


I took that list from other lists. Yes, a maintained list would be nice. :slight_smile:


Talon is missing a lot of good authors such as Lucid, you and I.


I’m going off of the most popular atm. Mostly because I’m so out of the loop and don’t know half of the games. Thanks a lot real world, YOU RUINED MY GODDAMN CREDIBILITY!!!


Haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t log in here using google at the moment, yes I like the list idea and will work on adding to the site tonight.

*Edit have the list setup so please help to update it.