Is there a complete list of CoG and HG authors?


Just wondering, thought it would be nice.



Heather Albano - Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Zombies, Choice of Broadsides

Adam Strong/Morse- Choice of Romance trilogy, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon

Jason Stevanhill- Choice of the Vampire, Choice of the Vampire: Fall of Memphis,

Katherine Buffington- Choice of the Ninja

Paolo Chikiamco- SLAMMED!

Christopher Brendel- Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck

Alana Joli Abbott- Choice of Kung Fu

Jonathon Valuckas- The Fleet

Catherine Bailey- To the City of the Clouds

Dorian Hart- Choice of the Star Captian

Gavin Inglis- Eerie Estate Agent

Zachary Sergi- Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

Richard Jackson- Choice of Zombies

Dan Fabulich- Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides


Jim Dattilo- Zombie Exodus series

Allen Gies- Apex Patrol, Marine Raider

Mike Walter- Paradox Factor, Life of a Wizard

Paul Wang- Sabres of Infinity

Sam Landstrom- Wizard’s Choice Volume One

J. Leigh- Way Walkers: University

Alex Livingston- The Sons of the Cherry, The Nightmare Maze

Andy Why- The Race

Kie- Dead Already, What Happened Last Night, Paranoia

Pauzle- Popcorn, Soda…Murder?

Steve Cave- Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope

Matt Slaybaugh- Dilemma,

Myth Thrazz- Imprisoned

Christopher Salomon- Land of Three Classes


There is now:P


Cool, thanks. I’m actually surprised there wasn’t already a listing somewhere on here.


No one likes lists and details more than I xD