Favorite COG writers

Who are everyone’s top three COG writers?
In no particular order mine are:
lucid, Allen Gies (hopefully I spelled that one right), Kevin gold (Choice of robots author).

I’ll bite.

In no particular order:

Paul Wang (Author of the Infinity series, Mecha Ace and The Hero of Kendrickstone, aside from a total troll).

Lucid (Author of Life of a Mobster, Life of a Wizard, Paradox Factor and Lost Heir 1 and 2).

Aaaaand Allen Gies (Author to both Tin Star and Shadow Horror).

Pretty close to order though.


Mine are

Jason Stevan Hill (Choice of Vampires, Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis)
Samuel Harrison Young (Trial of the Demon Hunter, Captive of Fortune)
Max Glastone (Choice of the Deathless, City’s Thirst)

And these are not because I like their games, and I do a lot, but because I enjoy how they are written. (Hope it makes sense to you)

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Thanks, @AStraali :smile:

Mine are probably Jaime Leigh (Way Walkers: University 1 and 2, Tangled Paths)
Mike Walter (Life of a Wizard, Life of a Mobster, Paradox Factor, The Lost Heir)
Jim Dattilo (Zombie Exodus, A Wise Use of Time)


I never played a game by Paul Wang that I didn’t like (I can really appreciate his focus on world building), even if he is overfond of taking not so subtle stabs at the reader’s ego. :wink:

Allen Geis and Devon Connell (Fatehaven, Samurai of Hyuga) have a very distinctive writing style that I enjoy. Max Gladstone is also cool, though his new game didn’t exactly do it for me. Just felt kind of…nebulous.

Also Marine Raider and Apex Patrol. Both of which are good but tend to fly under the radar.

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I can bet you a hundred bucks he’ll come here and try to troll us.

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Hmm… I guess I’d go with (in no particular order):

Jaime Leigh (Way Walkers University)
Jean Townsend (Guenevere)
Paolo Chikiamco (Slammed!)

It’s possible Jean shouldn’t count, since she doesn’t have a published game yet, but I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hands down, my list of favorite authors.
Teo Kuusela - Lord of Aswick
Heather Albano - Choice of Broadsides, Study in Steampunk, Choice of Romance
Paolo Chikiamco - Slammed!
Paul Wang, Lucid and Jim Dattilo are included if the question wasn’t top three and just a list of your favorite authors.
@Jjcb So I’m just curious since I’m kinda new in the community and haven’t experienced the trolling(which I don’t want to experience because I just want to know, please spare my soul :fearful: ), in what way does he troll? in a sarcastic witty way when a member becomes annoying or does he just like doing it?

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Generally he trolls in the sense of answering questions about his games with scheming, maniacal laughter.


My favorite authors in order are

1.Devon Connel (mostly because of Fatehaven, the game that had a good enough story that it tricked me and convinced me to create this account, plus I like the storytelling even if it isn’t choice filled or branching)
2. Mike Walter (Paradox Factor, Life of a Wizard, Life of a Mobster. something about the ability to branch off and have multiple stories that seem so different that are all compact into one choice-book-game-thing is appealing to me.)
3. Lynnea Glasser (Creatures Such as We, Amazing and free story, also it kind of brings some philosophies into the mix which is usually pretty fun.)

Honorable mentions without order, Steve Spalding (Founders Saga: The Culling, interesting concept and ideas), Teo Kuusela (Lords of Aswick, It just seemed good, I’m not sure I can explain why.), Lee Yuan (Silent Gear, another great free game.)

yeah I think that’s pretty much it for now…

My three favorite writers, in no particular order, are

Paul Wang
Mike Walter
Allen Gies

They constantly deliver excellent and diverse games.

Lol, we have similar preferences.

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James Dattilo
Mike Walter
Jean Townsend
Sashria ( the old MoNHH wip)
and Havenstone, although I forget what he wrote

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Choice of Rebels. :slight_smile:

In no particular order, they are:

Paul Wang @Cataphrak
Allen Gies @AllenGies
Jean Townsend @Jeantown

Oooh I forgot about that one…

He basically starts making comments about whatever we’re talking about (Most off-topic thread in the forum), then he slips in a small teaser and when you ask about it, he answers with this:

Scheming, maniacal laughter

Ain’t that right @Cataphrak?

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At first I thought aside from a total troll was a game title that I haven’t played from him so I got exited but then I realized it’s not :frowning: Lol :joy:

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Aside From A Total Troll would be a great title! :smile:


Have you played Aetherpunk, Shadow Regiment and Master of Fortresses? They are also from him.

Let’s hope he’s reading this thread and we gave him an idea.

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