Running an APK on computer

Hi everyone. I downloaded the apk file for my day off work. and tried to play it on my computer. opened the index file with internet explorer. I played a bit. but when I closed the window? it didn’t save anything. I don’t no why though. hope anyone can help here.

I use Firefox, and that works fairly well. Maybe you could try that?

Hmm… I’m not sure that playing on computer will save your progress in any way :thinking:

Oh, right. I thought he was saying the window crashed. My bad…

No, @Szaal is right. It won’t save when you close the window.

Bleep :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Firefox actually works. and it does save my progress. but I can’t use it. because I’m using a screen reader. and it doesn’t read anything. just reads unknown. whenever I press or anything in the fireFox window. but internet explorer doesn’t save the progress.

Since you downloaded the APK, I’m going to assume you got it off GPS or AAA. Contract support with your receipt and we can unlock the webstore version for you.

On a Computer I use a chrome web store extension called ‘Arc Welder’ (it should be on the chrome web store…). It’s a bit fidgety but it should also save your progress…

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Hmm… That’s interesting :thinking:
But I guess… I won’t be using it… since I don’t play CoG/HG on my laptop :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone. since I play the cog games on my computer. what about games like the lost heir or heroes rise. if I download the saves, is there a way to access them as well? or they don’t download to your computer? and thanks :slight_smile:

You mean something like cross-game saves?

IIRC, the saves are stored on CoG side. Usually, when a game asks you to save your progress, you’re prompted to enter your e-mail.

Later, you can use the same e-mail when a different game asks you to load your previous progression.