Likely asked before but I can't find anything... Sharing Game Progress Across Platforms... Is It Currently Possible?

Pretty simple. I have a computer. I play my purchased game from CoG on said computer for x amount of chapters. I also have a phone. I load the CoG app on said phone to play the game I have purchased. I want to return to the chapter I have progressed up to on my computer, only NOW I want to continue said game’s progress on my phone app.

Is this a thing?
How does one access this thing?
If this thing does not exist, why does such a thing not exist?
Is there an obstacle preventing such a thing from existing that is not intuitive to me?

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And it’s not a thing because there isn’t enough of a demand to justify the amount of coding that would need to be done to make this happen.


Thanks for the response!

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Reading your post I thought that maybe there could be a workaround: instead of opening a game in its app on the phone I tried to open it on a web browser (on my phone) after signing in choice of games website (obviously I played it on a web browser on the pc and not on Steam).
That way I thought I could switch from the computer to the phone and viceversa without big issues.

However, for some reasons choice of games website doesn’t save my progress when I close the browser window and it reverts back to the beginning.
I looked on the forum if someone had the same issue and I found a post where they suggested to contact the support for problems like this (so I guess that probably I have to change some settings of my browser).

I will reach out the support to try to understand why the website doesn’t save my progress and let you know if it’s a common issue.
In the meantime, would you mind trying this method? Maybe it will work with you. That way you should be able to progress with your game on both the computer and on the phone.

EDIT: Unfortunately, it is not possible to share game progress across different platforms, not even connecting to CoG website through web browser as I previously tried.
If you start a game on a web browser, you have to finish it there because the progress is saved locally with the browser’s cookies (so you should not delete the website’s cookies when closing the browser to retain the progress).