Need help, Iphone and computer

Sory for my bad English, I’m French. I am New here, and I want to know if it’s possible to beggin a game on IPhone and continue on computer, or contrary?

Thank you

Welcome, I write on an Android tablet and phone and switch files back and forth between the two and to my computer as I would say you should be able to.

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Yes you can even only code and working on mobiles like I do.

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Sory, I don’t write game, I play game. I want to know if it’s possible to play on iphone for exemple, and continue to play on pc latter for exemple?

thank you

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There are games in the app store you could play them there. If you want have them in pc.Show the staff your receipt of the have bought games and they will give a pc link access

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For exemple, I have bought the game “lost heir” for my iPhone. It’s possible to beggin for my iPhone, to continue latter on my computer and continue latter yet on my iPhone? How to do for the save data?

not really, no. you’ll have to commit to playing on 1 machine

Yes you can send the proof you bought the app to support and they will give you a link for pc too. The saving is your mail and is cross platforms.

Yeah, there is no way to save your progress on one platform and pick up the same playthrough on another. You can definitely get a copy of the same game on both mobile and PC by contacting the CoG devs as @poison_mara described, but that playthrough stays on the platform you started it on.

If you’re reading a series, you can import a save file on any device as long as you use the same e-mail account. Hope that makes sense! And welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:


Sometimes if a game is available on pc and phone they share ur stats with your account.

Not in cog, Here you only save at the end of a game and that sports the sequel. Not in same game.

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didn’t realize it was cog